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Parties ratchet up rhetoric against lawmakers after impeachment vote

The House vote to impeach President Donald Trump was just minutes old when the emails started flying – impeachment supporters had aligned themselves with “socialist Democrats,” while Trump supporters had “spinelessly” caved to the president.... Read more»

Grijalva: Settlement came after staffer fired; denies drinking problem

Rep. Grijalva said a $48k settlement with a former employee came after he decided she wasn't going to "fit in" with her post. He acknowledged she then claimed he was drunk on the job, but denied ever being impaired while working. An earlier TucsonSentinel.com investigation revealed that just one ex-employee fits the reported pattern. ... Read more»


Who was ex-staffer paid $48k by Grijalva after workplace complaints?

A top staffer for a committee on which Rep. Grijalva is ranking member was quietly paid more than $40k. A TucsonSentinel.com investigation demonstrates only one woman fits the reported timeline and payments. ... Read more»1

Against long odds, write-in candidates seek governor’s office

A write-in candidate has never been elected governor of Arizona, and the odds are long that one ever will be. But don’t tell J. Johnson that. He says he’s serious about challenging Republican Doug Ducey and Democrat Fred DuVal even though he lacks their campaign teams and money. “I’m 100 percent sure I’ll win,” he said.... Read more»