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What the Devil won't tell you

2021 promises a liberal helping of local politics

Holy Ocasio did voters in Pima County deliver a southpaw’s blow. And in 2021, our new progressive elected leaders take office and begin to govern and God only knows what happens then.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Prezelski: Why is Clodfelter giving platform for Phx political hack to discuss TUSD?

Tom Prezelski: 'In the last few days, state Rep. Todd Clodfelter announced a 'desegregation town hall.' While having an open public forum to discuss this issue is something this community needs, it is pretty clear that this is not what the event is going to be about."... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Trump, school funding crisis may doom GOP control of Az Legislature

If school funding proves decisive and the anti-Trump trend continues, Republican control of the Arizona State Senate looks done for and their grip on the House may be fleeting. This is a really bad year to be carrying around an elephant. ... Read more»1

Legislative roundup: Pets and bill signings

Last week was the first week where legislators didn’t meet for committee hearings. Instead, their time was devoted to dozens of votes in the House and Senate and watching the governor’s pen for new laws all before working through the budget in the coming weeks.... Read more»

State bill would pay $2.5M toward memorial for Jan. 8 attack

Several Arizona legislators support a bill to fund a memorial honoring survivors and victims of the Jan. 8, 2011, attack in Tucson, when a man started shooting during a congressional meet-and-greet in a grocery-store parking lot.... Read more»

Tight fight between Mach, Clodfelter in LD 10

In Southern Arizona, Rep. Stefanie Mach narrowly trailed Republican challenger Todd Clodfelter in the LD 10 House race. Just 230 votes separated the two Wednesday afternoon, with Democrat Kirsten Engel up about another 230 ballots as voters picked two legislative representatives from the district.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Can feeling blue ward off infection?

Interviews with Scott Stewart, chair of the Pima Community College Governing Board; Larry Hecker, co-founder of IdeaFunding; LD 10 candidate Todd Clodfelter (R); and University of Arizona researcher Dr. Charles Raison on depression and evolution. ... Read more»

Clean Elections legislative debates Wednesday: LD10, LD14

State House candidates for LD10 and LD14 will debate Wednesday evening in the last legislative debates between Southern Arizona candidates hosted by the Clean Elections Commission.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Arizona puts 363 new laws on books

Attorney Don Loose breaks down Arizona's new laws, plus Terry Bracy reports from D.C., and GOP candidates Gabby Mercer in CD3 and Todd Clodfelter in LD10... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Border warning zone not good idea, Dupnik says

Today on Buckmaster - A newsmaker interview with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, the Tuesday Money Maker Report with Shelly Fishman, Arizonan publisher Todd Clodfelter, and Margaret Regan with the arts report.... Read more»