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If more students become pregnant post-Roe, are we prepared to support them?

Though Title IX guarantees the right to an education for pregnant and parenting students, schools already fail this population, and advocates worry the Supreme Court elimination of the right to abortion could increase the number of pregnant and parenting teens.... Read more»

Los defensores resaltan la inequidad mientras la Corte Suprema evalúa un caso clave de aborto

Mientras Roe v. Wade enfrenta los desafíos de la Corte Suprema, los defensores del derecho al aborto dicen que las medidas restrictivas del aborto afectan de manera desproporcionada a los pacientes de bajos ingresos y a las mujeres de color.... Read more»

Disparities in contraception, family planning spotlighted as Supreme Court weighs key abortion case

If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion, and as both sides await a ruling, expected this summer, abortion rights advocates from Arizona to Texas and beyond fear that after 49 years, women's rights could once again be restricted.... Read more»

Ohio-led coalition of states sues to stop change to family planning funding policy

Ohio’s attorney general, along with others including Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, filed suit Monday seeking to halt implementation of a Biden administration policy allowing family planning to clinics that make abortion referrals to again receive federal funds. ... Read more»

Biden moves to overturn Trump birth control rules

The Biden administration Wednesday formally proposed the repeal of Trump-era regulations barring abortion referrals and making other changes intended to evict Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from the federal family planning program, Title X.... Read more»