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Flake, Kaine renew call for Congress to weigh in on ongoing military strikes

When Congress first authorized military action against terrorists in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Jeff Flake was a freshman in the House and Tim Kaine was still mayor of Richmond. Today, both are U.S. senators and the county is still waging war under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force – a vote they say it’s time to revisit.... Read more»

Flake, Kaine urge Congress to reclaim power to OK military action

Congress has been too willing to cede its constitutional authority to approve the use of military forces and it’s time to take that responsibility back, Sens. Jeff Flake and Tim Kaine said Wednesday.... Read more»

Flake bill would let U.S. military strike ‘non-state actors’ like ISIS

U.S. Sens. Jeff Flake and Tim Kaine introduced a use-of-force resolution that would let the president take military action against “non-state actors” like al Qaeda, ISIS and other terror groups.... Read more»

Kaine promotes early voting at Tucson rally

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine spoke to a room of nearly 500 people at the Sunnyside High School gym Thursday night. The event was the latest in a series of high-profile visits from Democratic and Republican figures to Arizona. ... Read more»

Hillary Clinton appeals to Arizona voters to put state in blue column

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a pitched plea Wednesday night for Arizona voters, focusing her courtship on embracing Latinos and other diverse voters in a race that is tightening six days before the election.... Read more»

Trump gets bump in new Arizona poll

Donald Trump has a narrow edge in the latest poll of Arizona voters, with a 45-41 lead over Hillary Clinton — just within the 4.1 percent margin of error. About 6 percent remained undecided in the poll, and another 6 percent preferred other candidates.... Read more»1

Update: Clinton running mate Kaine to stump in Tucson

With Democrats pushing hard to move Arizona into the blue column, Sen. Tim Kaine plans a Tucson campaign appearance at Sunnyside High School on Thursday night. Nominee Hillary Clinton is set to hold a rally in Tempe the day before, while GOP VP nominee Mike Pence will hold a Mesa event.... Read more»

FactChecking the VP debate

Vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine got their one chance to debate Tuesday night, and it was a fact-checking bonanza.... Read more»

Factchecking Kaine vs. Pence on unemployment

In comparing the records of the vice presidential candidates, Donald Trump ignores prevailing economic trends when he notes that when Tim Kaine was governor of Virginia “unemployment doubled” while under Gov. Mike Pence, Indiana has seen “great job growth.”... Read more»

Factchecking day 3 at the Democratic convention

The president and other top Democrats stretch the facts on budgets, energy and foreign policy.... Read more»

Support dips for health law, GOP aims to seize opportunity

Politico reports that support among the public for the health overhaul dipped during the last month, even as the "percentage of Democrats who say they'll go to the polls to defend the law rose.... Read more»