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Despite distracted-driving law, Arizona still ranks low on highway safety

Arizona enacted a ban on texting while driving last year, after 10 years of trying, but it still wasn’t enough to pull the state from the bottom of a national report card on traffic safety laws. ... Read more»

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Guest opinion

Driving under the influence of electronics needs to stop

Studies continue to highlight that phone addiction has become the new "drunk-driving" epidemic of our generation. Make no mistake, driving impaired is no accident. An accident is defined as something unfortunate, which cannot be avoided. A collision, on the other hand is the result of choices made and risks disregarded.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Arizona's 54th Legislature: Smell the sanity (and/or fear)

The 54th Arizona Legislature is acting someone put two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen in their drinking water. Could it be they’ve read my work? Or do they just know a thing or two about elections and consequences?... Read more»

'Enough is enough’: Arizona considers cellphone ban for drivers weeks after officer’s death

An officer's death and new legislative leadership could mean Arizona motorists will be banned from texting while driving after multiple bills have failed in past sessions.... Read more»

Smartphone distractions, drinking spur rising pedestrian death toll

Pedestrian deaths are surging across the nation, and analysts are putting much of the blame on drivers and walkers who are looking at their smartphones. Tipsy walking also is part of the problem, with one in three victims legally drunk when they were struck and killed.... Read more»

Lax laws make Arizona roads among nation's most dangerous

Arizona continues to fall short in its adoption of key traffic and vehicle safety laws, according to a national report that ranked states Thursday. Although a texting-while-driving bill has garnered bipartisan support in past years, it has not passed — and a Tucson Democrat backing the measure says it's too important to let go.... Read more»1

DPS data shows texting leads to tickets, but Farley wants state ban

When state Sen. Steve Farley offered his latest bill to ban texting while driving in Arizona, Senate President Andy Biggs argued that a law on the books already can be used against those who text while driving. Cronkite News examines that claim. ... Read more»1

Legislative roundup for week ending Feb. 6

Last week the Legislature voted to move forward a bill banning red-light camera ban, a Senate committee voted to move forward a bill banning driver's from texting, and Democrats took to social media to urge fellow legislators to prioritize schools rather than prisons after Governor Ducey’s budget proposal.... Read more»1

Senate panel advances bill to ban texting by Arizona drivers

With several relatives of those killed by distracted drivers urging support, a Senate committee advanced a bill Wednesday that would prohibit sending text messages while driving. Prospects for the measure by Sen. Steve Farley remain anything but certain. ... Read more»1

Sedona police on the lookout for drivers using cellphones

While Phoenix and Tucson have banned texting while driving, Sedona has gone a step further by barring any cellphone use without a hands-free device. Offenders face fines of $100 or more. ... Read more»

AAA Az urges lawmakers to focus on distracted drivers

Pointing to an advocacy group's report listing Arizona among states falling behind in addressing distracted driving, rules for novice drivers and protecting occupants of vehicles, AAA Arizona is calling on state lawmakers to strengthen traffic-safety laws.... Read more»

Bill to ban cell use by novice drivers rolling; texting bills stalled

A bill that would prohibit novice drivers from using cellphones except in emergencies advanced Thursday through the House Transportation Committee. However, two bills seeking to ban texting by all drivers apparently are going nowhere.... Read more»

Arizona again ranked among lowest states for traffic safety laws

Arizona continues to fall “dangerously behind” in its adoption of key traffic and vehicle safety laws, according to a national report that ranked states Wednesday. Although a texting-while-driving bill has garnered bipartisan support in past years, it has not passed — and a Tucson Democrat backing the measure says this year will be another tough fight.... Read more»

Farley trying again for statewide ban on texting while driving

Despite failing repeatedly since 2007, a state lawmaker said he is going to try again to have Arizona join 41 other states that have outlawed all texting while driving. “Why shouldn’t we have a law?” said Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson. “This majority enacts hundreds of laws every single year. Why not one that actually can save lives?”... Read more»

Farley's texting-while-driving ban stalled in Leg — again

The latest attempt to create a statewide ban on texting while driving is stalled at the Legislature. SB 1218, authored by Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, would add Arizona to a list of 39 states and the District of Columbia that have texting bans for all drivers.... Read more»

Farley: Federal grants may sway lawmakers on texting ban

A Tucson lawmaker who has tried for years to ban texting while driving in Arizona says the Legislature has a new reason to do so this year: money.... Read more»

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