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The current 'alternative fuel corridors' selected for the chargers (above) are interstates, however officials expect to expand the charging stations to additional roadways.

The state of Arizona unveiled plans for the first stages of its electric vehicle infrastructure plan, which is set to bring roughly 30 charging stations to the state’s interstates in the coming years. Read more»

A Tesla powering up at an electric vehicle charging station along I-10 in Casa Grande, Arizona on July 31, 2021.

Backed by automakers and in stark contrast to the rollbacks of the last administration, the president is proposing an aggressive agenda with tightened emission standards and a goal of making 50% of all vehicles sold in 2030 electric. Read more»

The fights over media policies also reflect growing tension between health care workers, including physicians, and the increasingly large, profit-oriented companies that employ them.

A federal appellate court ruling that hospital guidelines barring contact between employees and the media was illegal could force health care organizations to revise their policies barring workers from talking to the news media and posting on social media without written permission. Read more»

Tesla vehicles can operate in a semi-autonomous mode but a safety feature requires drivers to periodically apply pressure to the wheel with their hands. A new bill would fine drivers who bypass that and other safety features on vehicles.

Drivers who use a "defeat device" to bypass a vehicle’s safety features on cars with automatic driving mechanisms, often referred to as “autopilot modes,” could face fines if a bill that has been revived from the last legislative session becomes law. Read more»

U.S. transportation officials are seeking to ease deployment of driverless cars by amending certain safety standards, drawing strong protest from groups who say the move is premature because the safety of self-driving technology is unproven. Read more»

There are 11 charging stations available in or near Grand Canyon National Park, making the natural wonder more accessible for electric vehicle owners.

National park officials have added electric vehicle chargers to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, making it easier for people with the electric cars to drive around "treasured landscapes." Read more»

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board inspecting the Uber driverless test vehicle that in March killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, as she was walking her bike across a road.

Consumer advocates are attacking a bill heading for a vote soon in the U.S. Senate that would clear legal obstacles for the deployment of driverless cars — a proposal that, critics say, lacks safeguards needed to protect the public and largely would let vehicle manufacturers regulate themselves. Read more»

Electric car enthusiast Brian Perkins, at a charging station in Utah, said there are many reasons why  people like the cars, from environmental concerns to performance.

When Phoenix-area gearheads line up Saturday night at Scottsdale Pavilions to show off their cars as they have for more than 20 years, Brian Perkins will be there to help showcase 19 cars. But what he is displaying are different than the classic hotrods and souped-up racers that typically show up. They’re all electric. Read more»

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild delivers his 'State of the City' address Friday afternoon.

In his annual run-down of the State of the City, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild touted Tucson's progress on trade, stemming homelessness among veterans, and paving roadway — and painted a silver lining in Tesla's not opening a factory here. "You don’t always win when you pursue opportunity, but, almost always, you accomplish something worthwhile." Read more»

An example of the Energy Efficient 'Clean Air – Blue Skies' plate.

When Jim Stack bought his Ford Focus electric plug-in, his passion to keep emissions out of the air was broadcast to the world. He can even drive across the country and not pay a penny in driving costs. Stack is part of an exclusive club for two reasons: having a plug-in electric vehicle and being able to sport a blue-and-white license plate entitling him to use the HOV lane even when it’s just him in the car. Read more»