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Targeted by politicians, trans youth struggle with growing fear and mental health concerns

As state legislators in Arizona and across the country introduced a record number of anti-transgender bills in 2021, the larger debate outside of medicine amid these legislative efforts to restrict access to care is having a detrimental impact on transgender youth.... Read more»

Arizona no logra evitar que jóvenes usen productos de tabaco con sabor

Arizona no está financiando programas y legislación orientada a prevenir el uso de cigarrillos electrónicos y productos de tabaco con sabor que están aumentando entre los jóvenes, según un nuevo informe.... Read more»

Lung Association gives Arizona failing grade for lack of regulation on tobacco products targeting teens

Arizona gets an F for its attempts to regulate flavored tobacco products popular among young people and in spending on programs to control and prevent use of tobacco, which still is the No. 1 preventable cause of death in the United States, the American Lung Association says. ... Read more»

FDA greenlights Pfizer boosters for young teens

The Food and Drug Administration moved Monday to allow children as young as 12 to receive booster shots of Pfizer's vaccine against COVID-19 and the winter surge of the coronavirus Omicron variant. ... Read more»

FDA panel recommends OK for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for kids 5 to 11

A federal vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday recommended authorizing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, a decision that means as soon as next week everyone in the U.S. over age 5 is expected to be eligible for a shot. ... Read more»

COVID-19 vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11 could be ready as soon as next week

The next wave of the massive COVID-19 vaccination campaign could begin as soon as next week, after federal regulators decide if elementary school students across the U.S. should begin rolling up their tiny sleeves. ... Read more»

'Don’t give up': Arizona high school football players join forces to address teen suicide

Teen suicide is on the rise, and for the third straight year, the Grand Canyon State Gridiron Club and Teen Lifeline worked together to create public service announcements to help prevent suicide among Arizona’s youth.... Read more»

Arizona programs tackle diabetes prevention in Black, Hispanic youth as cases surge

As the number of people younger than 20 with Type 1 diabetes rose by 45% and those with Type 2 diabetes soared by 95% - researchers at Arizona State University are conducting an intervention program and study aimed at helping Hispanic youth combat diabetes.... Read more»


Social media gives support to LGBTQ youth when in-person communities are lacking

Teens today have grown up on the internet, and social media has served as a space where LGBTQ youth in particular can develop their identities.... Read more»

Mexico: The kids aren't all right

According to the Mexico City daily El Universal, more young people are killed in violence than they are in car crashes. ... Read more»