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Otra amenaza a la educación en la era de COVID: jubilación masiva de maestros latinos

Una oleada de docentes está dejando la profesión, especialmente evidente entre aquellos con antecedentes de minorías, y en medio de la mezcla tóxica de muerte, enfermedad e interrupción del aula de la pandemia, estas salidas han creado otra tensión para los estudiantes.... Read more»

Struggles of Cave Creek district are emblematic of Arizona schools during COVID-19

Teacher retention issues in Cave Creek are being repeated in schools across Arizona and the U.S. as administrators, staff members, teachers, parents and especially students grapple with how to best learn during a pandemic. ... Read more»

Prop. 208 ahead in early returns; would provide school funds that legislators have not

The proposition would allow districts to hire more teachers and raise salaries of a workforce that is at high risk during the pandemic in a state that consistently ranks low on teacher pay, school funding and student performance.... Read more»

As COVID adds hours and challenges, Az teachers look to Prop. 208 for more school funding

Amid a pandemic that has prompted some teachers to leave their profession, Arizonans are considering a proposal to raise taxes for high earners to help schools pay for salary increases and hire more staff. ... Read more»

Add COVID-19 to list of things driving Arizona teachers from jobs

Arizona schools have long struggled with teacher shortages but the problem was made worse this year by COVID-19, which has led to more teachers quitting or taking leave, school officials said.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court says Invest in Ed will be on November’s ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that voters in November will get the chance to decide whether to tax wealthy Arizonans to provide more funding to public schools, overturning a lower court that earlier tossed the Invest in Education Act after concluding that organizers crafted a misleading summary of the measure.... Read more»

In reprise of 2018 ruling, judge boots tax hike for education off ballot

For the second time in as many election cycles, a judge has barred from the ballot a citizen initiative that seeks to increase funding for K-12 education by hiking income taxes for higher earning Arizonans, ruling that the campaign omitted critical information from a brief description on the petitions they circulated.... Read more»

Arizona’s state universities hope to increase Arizona Teachers Academy enrollment

To help with Arizona’s teacher shortage, the three state universities hope to expand enrollment in the Arizona Teachers Academy through $15 million in funding from the state.... Read more»

Az educators get creative in finding solutions to growing teacher shortage

Local administrators and educators are utilizing creative techniques to deal with Arizona’s chronic teacher shortage from a recruitment perspective as well as how to use the limited supply of qualified teachers in the most effective way.... Read more»