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Pima County supervisors will decide on a proposed change to zoning rules to allow for marijuana dispensaries. The question is: Will the board allow public hearings/

Hard zoning or a conditional use permit? The Pima County supervisors must decide whether neighbors get a say in the location of new marijuana dispensaries. Marana is eying new impact fees and the public is invited to be heard. Read more»

To help inflation-plagued and struggling families ease the burden of buying necessities, several states are scrapping the sales tax on infant and adult diapers. Read more»

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council speaking at the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

The Family Research Council, a staunch opponent of abortion and LGBTQ rights, joins a growing list of activist groups seeking church status, which allows organizations to shield themselves from financial scrutiny. Read more»

While medical sales continue to decline, tax revenues for recreational sales are robust.

Cannabis sales in Arizona continue to be robust overall, thanks to the continued explosion of recreational sales - but as adult-use recreational sales are increasing, medical marijuana totals are in a free-fall that began last year. Read more»

In order to lure television and film producers to the Grand Canyon State, Arizona will give out up to $125 million a year in tax credits under a new program that Gov. Doug Ducey allowed to become law on Wednesday without his signature. Read more»

Slow economic recovery in Nogales after the coronavirus pandemic has left the city's budget about as tight as tight gets.

Pima County tax bills reflect an engine's worth of moving parts as home values rise and multiple taxing authorities set their rates across multiple accounting columns. Read more»

Problems with the medical marijuana fund can have adverse effects on consumers and cannabis advocates working to enact policy that benefits adult cannabis users and patients.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has yet to enact needed changes to how it manages the state’s medical marijuana fund state auditors recommended three years ago that address the misallocation of funds used to pay salaries in the department. Read more»

The IRS, the Justice Department and congressional Republicans and Democrats are all trying to put an end to syndicated conservation easements. But with lobbyists like Henry Waxman helping lead the resistance, the efforts have had little effect. Read more»

Sales taxes collected at the point of purchase let governments ride economic booms upward. Unfortunately for school districts, their budgets are largely funded by property taxes, which increase slowly even if housing prices spike.

Sales tax revenues can ride a fiscal rocket during good times. Amphi, Vail and Catalina Foothills schools rely on property tax revenues and miss out on the windfall. Plus more in the Sentinel's roundup of what's on the agendas for local government meetings this week. Read more»

A woman fuels up at the the Circle K gas station on Roosevelt and Seventh streets in Phoenix on Thursday, when gas prices in Arizona averaged $5.34 a gallon. But a White House plan to ease the pain at the pump with a 90-day gas-tax holiday is getting a cool reception from lawmakers.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday urged lawmakers to suspend gasoline and diesel taxes on both federal and state levels for at least three months - but any tax holidays would have to be approved by an unenthusiastic Congress and by state lawmakers. Read more»

President Joe Biden called on Congress to give Americans a 90-day holiday from the federal gas tax.

President Joe Biden called on Congress Wednesday to pause the federal gas tax for the next 90 days during the summer travel season, promising a seal of approval on legislation that’s been proposed in both chambers of the body. Read more»

A $15.6 billion budget that Republicans crafted won approval in the House Appropriations Committee only to come to a screeching halt in the Senate, where GOP leaders accused top House Republicans of breaking a deal to advance unrelated bills. Read more»

In a 6-3 ruling on Tuesday, the Supreme Court divided along ideological lines and said Maine violated the U.S. Constitution by stopping taxpayer money from funding religious schools within its tuition assistance program. Read more»

Using data from around the country, researchers found that rates of child neglect abuse dropped around the same time that families received federal tax credits aimed at the working poor.

A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found significant drops in reported child maltreatment cases in the weeks after families received federal child and earned income tax credits that were put in place as a form of coronavirus pandemic relief. Read more»

The racial disparities from many tax rules, including those in the pandemic relief bills, remain uncertain.

The Government Accountability Office told Congress that it couldn’t figure out if the massive pandemic stimulus bill reached everyone it was supposed to help and there’s no way to accurately track the payments by race or sex. Read more»

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