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200 million Americans vaccinated, millions more to go

More shots in arms are needed to reach widespread immunity, a milestone the president broached Wednesday by pushing for a paid sick leave tax credit. ... Read more»

What is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and do I qualify for it?

The earned income tax credit is meant to reduce the amount that low- and moderate-income Americans have to pay in taxes — and it can sometimes result in a refund. Figuring out whether you qualify can be confusing. This guide can help. ... Read more»

Bachmann botches poverty stats

Rep. Michele Bachmann was wrong on two counts when she claimed today’s poverty rate is “only slightly below where it was in 1964″ and that the small improvement in the rate “came with a $20 trillion price tag.”... Read more»

Proposed sequel to film tax credits faces uncertain future

A bill that would revive Arizona's tax credits for film, TV and commercial production is stalled in the state Legislature.... Read more»

Biz backing gov't support for Az venture capital fund

Arizona's economy would benefit if elected officials followed the lead of states including Utah and New Mexico that have established government-supported programs promoting venture capital investment, two business groups contend. ... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Huppenthal interview

Interviews with John Huppenthal, state superintendent of public instruction, plus Shelli Hall of the Tucson Film Office, TREO's David Welsh and historian Ken Scoville.... Read more»

Doing homework necessary when installing solar power

Solar leases put renewable energy within the reach of businesses and homeowners who couldn't afford the costly systems, but they also attracted businesses who took advantage of customers.... Read more»

Guest opinion

No more tax credits for Hollywood

It's like a bad re-run. A few legislators are trying to revive Arizona's film production tax credit (SB 1170) that lapsed in 2011.... Read more»1

Arizona Growth Foundation

Biz group: Use state tax credits to spur venture capital

Arizona can help small businesses expand and create jobs by following Utah’s lead and using tax credits to stimulate investment by venture capitalists, a group of business leaders and investors told lawmakers Monday.... Read more»

IRS not catching fraudulent and excessive home energy credits

The IRS cannot accurately track and account for the $5.8 billion in home energy credits in more than 6.8 million individuals in 2009.... Read more»

State Senate approves ban on using public funds to promote abortions

The state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would ban the use of public funding or tax credits to support any group that provides, promotes, pays for or gives referrals for abortions. HB 2384 would also ban public universities and community colleges from using state funding or tuition dollars to train students to perform abortions.... Read more»1