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Man dies in hospital days after violent confrontation with TPD officers

A 34-year-old Tucson man died at a hospital Friday afternoon, days after a violent confrontation when he fought with police officers and was repeatedly shocked with a taser. ... Read more»

Border Patrol to equip 4k agents with body-worn cameras over next year

Nearly 4,000 Border Patrol agents will be given body-worn video cameras over the next year. The cameras will be deployed at 17 locations along the U.S.-Mexico border, including the Tucson Sector, as part of a $13 million contract with Scottsdale-based Axon Enterprises.... Read more»

Bill would require Az police to wear body cameras

State lawmaker says requiring police to wear body cameras would promote trust and collaboration. ... Read more»

Az-based Taser sees stock boost since Ferguson shooting

Scottsdale-based Taser was one of several makers of body cameras whose stock rose in the wake of a police shooting in the St. Louis suburb. But Taser officials said the stock started rising well before Ferguson, when studies last year showed the cameras' effectiveness. ... Read more»

Court: Phx cops 'reasonable' in tasering man who died

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that two Phoenix police officers used reasonable force when they used a Taser 22 times on Ronald Marquez, a man they caught trying to perform an exorcism on his 3-year-old granddaughter.... Read more»

Border Patrol wrapup

BP agent Tasers suspected drug smuggler

A Nogales Station agent used a Taser on a suspected drug smuggler Thursday after the suspect made a threatening move toward the agent.... Read more»


She's still out there, Tiger Woods

On Saturday at The Players Championship, sheriff's deputies tasered and arrested a man reported to have been harassing fans and players, including Tiger Woods.... Read more»