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Capitol Police add field offices to investigate threats against members of Congress

In the wake the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, the U.S. Capitol Police announced it is adding field offices in Tampa and San Francisco to investigate threats against members of Congress - both cities located in states from where the agency is receiving a big bulk of the threats.... Read more»

Rain halts convention, but doesn’t stop GOP conventioneers

The politicking went on as usual Monday for Arizona delegates at the Republican National Convention, despite some events being canceled because of the weather. ... Read more»1

Arizona delegates weather soggy start to Republican convention

The hurricane didn’t show up for the official opening of the Republican National Convention on Monday. Neither did the Arizona delegation.... Read more»

Az delegates to GOP convention not worried about storms

The threat of a hurricane may have upended the schedule for the Republican National Convention, but the coming rains did not appear to worry Arizona delegates as they arrived in Tampa this weekend.... Read more»2

Demonstrators beware: You won't be seen or heard

Cities’ use of “spatial tactics” such as exclusion zones at upcoming political conventions and this weekend's NATO summit risks muffling dissent, critics say.... Read more»5

Az Tea Party supporters connect to GOP debate in Fla.

As the presidential hopefuls took part in the CNN/Tea Party debate in Tampa, Fla., roughly 175 Arizona voters sat in front of CNN cameras as a satellite audience.... Read more»

Comic: Overcaffeination

What she wasn't thinking

Starbucks is testing a new 31-ounce "trenta" size for cold drinks. Reminding us that just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it SHOULD be done.... Read more»