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Arizona Rep. Andrade un-endorses Hobbs, switches to Lopez

Rep. Richard Andrade has withdrawn his endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Katie Hobbs over her role in the firing of former Senate staffer Talonya Adams and is now backing Marco Lopez, one of her rivals in the primary elections. ... Read more»

Lieberman, Lopez announce million-dollar fundraising hauls in Dem primary for Arizona governor

Gubernatorial hopefuls Aaron Lieberman and Marco Lopez announced strong fundraising numbers as they head into an election year in which both hope to pull off upsets against frontrunner Katie Hobbs in the Democratic primary.... Read more»

Guest opinion

The biggest crisis in Arizona is a leadership deficit

Arizonans have little reason for being excited about the 2022 election, even though the results of next year’s vote could mean the difference between saving or undoing our nation’s democracy.... Read more»

Katie Hobbs defends firing Talonya Adams, says race and gender weren’t factors

Katie Hobbs defended her role in firing policy adviser Talonya Adams from the Senate in 2015, saying the termination was for performance and other issues, not because of her race or gender.... Read more»

Ex-staffer says Hobbs isn’t 'fit to serve' as Az governor after discriminatory firing

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs isn't taking responsibility for her role while she served as Senate Democratic leader in the firing of a policy advisor for what a jury deemed was retaliation for complaining about discriminatory pay, that staffer said.... Read more»1

Fired Arizona Senate staffer awarded $2.75M for race, sex discrimination

A former Black Democratic state legislative staffer was awarded $2.75 million by a federal jury Wednesday, ruling unanimously that she was fired for complaining that she was paid less than her white and male colleagues in the Arizona Senate.... Read more»