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10 years on, Afghanistan isn't far from where it started

No two countries have been more affected by the shift than the United States and Afghanistan, who are tied together in a war whose outcome, a decade after the initial invasion, is still very much in doubt.... Read more»

State Dep't: Al-Qaeda remains biggest threat to U.S.

Al-Qaeda remained the "pre-eminent terrorist threat" to the United States, especially with its "cooperation" with militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the State Department says.... Read more»

Afghanistan peace talks go quiet

Contact between the Taliban, the United States and other western officials over potential peace negotiations to end the war appears to have been severed completely in recent weeks, after the name of the reported Taliban negotiator involved in the talks was leaked to the international press in June.... Read more»

Report: Special Ops kill Taliban who shot down U.S. chopper

The International Security Assistance Force announced that the militants responsible for the downing of a CH-47 helicopter last week, which led to the deaths of 30 Americans and eight Afghans, were killed in a precision airstrike in Afghanistan.... Read more»

America's longest war should end

Sometimes it helps to look back to something like the Vietnam War so we can get a clearer picture of how to move ahead, and America desperately needs to take a hard look at the truth about the war in Afghanistan.... Read more»

Official: Taliban laid trap for copter

The Taliban laid an elaborate trap for U.S. special forces last week when they shot down a Chinook helicopter during a night raid in Afghanistan, killing 38 troops including 30 Americans, an Afghan official said Monday.... Read more»

NATO probes Taliban's role in deadly helicopter crash

NATO has begun an investigation into claims by the Taliban that they shot down a U.S. helicopter Saturday in Afghanistan, killing 30 Americans, including members of the elite Seal Team 6, which is best known for killing Osama bin Laden. (with video)... Read more»


Assassination of Afghan leader's brother creates power vacuum

There is much that is unclear about the assassination of Ahmed Wali Karzai. But there is one thing that is virtually certain: it will make the situation worse.The power vacuum it creates could quite possibly be filled by someone even worse.... Read more»

A tale of districts in war-torn Afghanistan

In a small corner of southern Afghanistan lie two small districts that couldn't be more different. Maiwand is a bastion of relative calm, while its neighbor, Zhari, is too intractably violent for U.S. troops to even begin a counterinsurgency campaign.... Read more»

20 killed, 35 hurt in attack on Afghan hospital

At attack on a hospital in eastern Afghanistan reportedly killed at least 20 people and as many as 35 Saturday.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Obama signals era of permanent war

President Obama’s recent speech was supposed to be about winding down the Afghan war. But actually it was a signal that permanent war is now our status quo. What Obama didn’t say is both tragic and troubling.... Read more»1


Troops begin to see light at the end of tunnel

Media analysis of President Obama's drawdown speech was broadcast in military chow halls across Afghanistan on Thursday morning, and the excitement among soldiers at Forward Operating Base Howz-e Madad was palpable.... Read more»

Analysis: Afghanistan

Few surprises, little comfort, in Obama's speech

In the end, there were few surprises in the long-awaited speech that U.S. President Barack Obama delivered Wednesday.... Read more»

Obama announces Afghan troop draw-down

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday he will bring 10,000 troops home from Afghanistan by the end of the year, and 23,000 more by summer 2012. It's "time to focus on nation building here at home," he said. (with text and video)... Read more»

U.S. weapons in Afghanistan & Pakistan fueling militants

Some of the U.S. weapons bound for U.S. and Afghan troops in Afghanistan are being stolen, landing instead in the hands of those they are meant to be used against.... Read more»

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