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U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan kill 15, including top Taliban warlord

U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan have killed as many as 15 people, including a top pro-Islamabad Taliban warlord with links to Al Qaeda. ... Read more»

Afghanistan: For ex-Taliban, it's peace or death

Former members of the Taliban are desperate for peace. Their lives may depend on it.... Read more»

Afghanistan: Taliban take another province

Logar, a strategic province that neighbors Kabul and is home to an all-important copper mine, is increasingly under Taliban control as NATO sources begin to withdraw.... Read more»

Tucson soldier killed in Afghanistan

A Tucson soldier, Army Staff Sgt. Orion N. Sparks, was killed Wednesday in Afghanistan, the Department of Defense said Friday.... Read more»1


White House’s drone death figures don’t add up

ProPublica collected claims by the Obama administration about deaths from drone strikes in Pakistan and compared each one not to local reports but rather to other administration claims. The numbers sometimes do not add up.... Read more»

NATO withdrawal brings fears of civil war in Aghanistan

NATO states now meeting in Chicago are reaffirming the departure of foreign combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. But many Afghans have little faith in their own security forces.... Read more»

Corruption still threatens U.S. efforts in Afghanistan

As U.S. heads for the door in Afghanistan, deep corruption persists in the country, and can easily undermine the success of U.S. development efforts there. A report expressed concern about continuing thefts of fuel and cash, the shortcomings of local security forces, bribery of local and U.S. officials, and contractors that fail to deliver.... Read more»

Kandahar shootings: What really happened?

Little is known for certain about what happened on March 11, when Staff Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly massacred 16 Afghan civilians. ... Read more»

Taliban vows revenge for deaths of 16 Afghan civilians

The Taliban has vowed revenge against the United States after an American soldier allegedly went on a house-to-house shooting rampage in Kandahar province, killing 16 Afghan civilians.... Read more»1

Poll: Most Americans support Obama's security policies

A new poll finds overwhelming approval for President Obama's national security policies among Americans.... Read more»

Marines accused of urinating on Taliban dead

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned a video that appears to show United States Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters. The unverified 39-second video, posted online Wednesday, claims to show combat-ready soldiers desecrating the remains of several bodies on the ground.... Read more»4

13 Americans killed in Kabul suicide attack

A suicide attack in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday targeted a convoy of foreign troops, killing at least 20 people including 13 Americans.... Read more»

U.S. says Iranians behind plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador

Two men, including an Iran-based member of Iran’s Qods Force, have been charged in a plot to murder the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, U.S. officials announced Tuesday.... Read more»

Taliban claims responsibility for truck bomb in Afghanistan

At least two Afghan civilians are dead, and as many as 77 U.S. troops were injured when a truck bomb struck a coalition base in Afghanistan on Saturday.... Read more»

The best, most damning reporting of the 9/11 era

ProPublica has gathered the seminal stories of the years after Sept. 11, the ones that reveal the reality about the attackers and how our government changed in the post-9/11 era.... Read more»

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