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Az GOP Sen. Wendy Rogers defends promotion of racist ‘great replacement’ ideology

After a media report highlighting her use of language mirroring a racist conspiracy theory, Flagstaff Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers doubled- and tripled-down on her assertion that immigrants are “replacing” white Americans and destroying “western civilization.”... Read more»1

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GOP lawmakers, ALEC urge feds not to 'bail out' states

Several Republican lawmakers from Arizona are urging the federal government not to provide funding to states and cities that are coping with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, even as Arizona faces a projected budget deficit of more than a billion dollars.... Read more»

Legislative roundup: Tanning, guns, tuition costs

This was the busiest week yet this session for Arizona lawmakers, with committee hearings taking hours and bills vetted by the dozens. The week on the capitol began graced with dozens of Arizona firefighters spotting the mall, and ended with a farmers market. Somewhere in between, a mini horse trotted across the Rose Garden to lobby for service animals.... Read more»

Capitol roundup: Kill Common Core, limit abortion & require church attendance?

The Legislature is well into the homestretch with a goal to wrap up the session before Easter still in its sights. This led to busy days and long nights at the Capitol this week. ... Read more»1

Ducey reopens calendar, assault on open meetings slows

Open government advocates found hope late last week after the governor reopened his daily calendar for public inspection and the legislature began discussions to change the language of a bill that allows most state business to be conducted behind closed doors. ... Read more»

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SB 1435 a politicians' cover-up?

Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, says Arizona’s open meeting law stifles informal discussions and has introduced a bill requiring that only meetings where action, such as debating or voting, begins to take place be held in public.... Read more»

Bill would 'completely gut' Arizona open meeting law

A lawmaker said Arizona’s open meeting law stifles informal discussions and wants to allow elected boards to talk out of the public eye. The current law requires all meetings that include a quorum of a government body to take place in public. Critics said the proposal would defeat the purpose of transparency laws.... Read more»2

Years later, not much to show for state mining museum closure

The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum left a collection of memories in the minds of its visitors, volunteers and staff after it closed to make way for a centennial-themed museum that never got funded. Individuals passionate about the museum remain frustrated with the decision.... Read more»

Proposition 120 would declare state sovereignty over resources

Arizona voters will have a choice in November regarding whether or not to declare sovereignty over their state's natural resources. But the measure they'll be voting on, Proposition 120, may face legal challenges concerning its constitutionality. ... Read more»

Lawmakers aim to clear obstacles in adoption process

The state Legislatures is weighing three bills that would eliminate some roadblocks in the process of adopting children in Arizona.... Read more»

Lawmaker: In face of fires, control of forests should be local

Facing devastating wildfires and inaction by the federal government, Arizona should declare its sovereignty and take control of its national forests, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»

Democratic lawmaker unveils bill to repeal SB 1070

Nearly two years after SB 1070 became law, and just a few months after the recall of the measure’s author, a Democratic state lawmaker introduced legislation Monday to repeal it.... Read more»1

State Senate approves ban on using public funds to promote abortions

The state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would ban the use of public funding or tax credits to support any group that provides, promotes, pays for or gives referrals for abortions. HB 2384 would also ban public universities and community colleges from using state funding or tuition dollars to train students to perform abortions.... Read more»1

Lawmakers seek to remove federal oversight of Az air and water

Conservative lawmakers' efforts to assert Arizona's sovereignty extend to who's ultimately responsible for regulating the quality of the state's air and water.... Read more»

Lawmakers offer bills affecting access to records, meetings

Requiring that all meetings of public bodies include time for the public to express concerns and introduce issues would make government more open and interactive, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»

Failed virtual border fence has politicians pointing to Yuma success

As national concern mounts over Arizona’s porous border, the Yuma Sector, its fence and its techniques have received considerable attention from politicians who point to the Border Patrol’s success in securing the region. (with video)... Read more»1

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