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Overlanding community seeks path to a more sustainable future

With climate change and the dependency overlanding - a form of off-grid adventure seeking - has on the Earth, community members have been advocating for natural conservation and cultural respect, as well as cleaner alternatives in the automotive industry.... Read more»

Sunblock for streets: Cool pavement curbs heat in Phoenix, but more testing is needed

Over the past year, Phoenix has studied the efficacy of a light gray reflective sealant meant to reduce the absorption of heat in the urban climate and though the testing is far from over, initial findings suggest the treatment may help effectively reduce temperatures.... Read more»

Mexican scientists scale up solar-powered water treatment tech

Scientists in Mexico are cleaning polluted waterways with solar power, thus offsetting the carbon footprint of water treatment — and they're making moves to scale the technology up even bigger. ... Read more»

Lost hikers rely on unpaid rescuers, and one state could change that

As search and rescue teams across the country are hampered by an aging volunteer base and struggling to keep up with a surge in calls for help, a Colorado law enacted earlier this year could lead to a dramatic rethinking of the current current SAR structure.... Read more»

Phoenix Suns’ naming rights deal provides chance to increase fans’ environmental awareness

The decision by the Phoenix Suns to rename the downtown arena to Footprint Center - after local plant-based packaging company Footprint - might have come as a surprise to fans, but for experts on sports business, and its intersection with environmental issues, not as shocking. ... Read more»

Lucky sucker: Endangered Colorado River fish’s status improving; critics not so sure

Federal officials said the endangered razorback sucker has made enough of a comeback for the Colorado River fish’s status to be upgraded from endangered to threatened, but critics call the proposal to “downlist” the fish premature, saying that current populations are not self-sustaining.... Read more»

ASU Listen(n) Project: How the sounds around you could be a harbinger of climate change

What we hear and how we hear it can affect human perceptions. They also may be able to predict changes in the environment over time.... Read more»

Could climate change and lower birth rates be linked? UCLA researcher says yes

New research suggests climate change could threaten the inception of future generations.... Read more»

Tucson, Phoenix get middling scores in UN look at cities’ sustainability

A study scored the 100 most-populous U.S. cities on the Sustainability Development Goals set by the U.N. Those include criteria such as poverty levels, water scarcity, climate action and economic growth.... Read more»

LEED certification

UA recreation center gets 'platinum' stamp

The University of Arizona Student Recreation Center's recent expansion has received platinum certification, the highest ranking in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program that rates buildings' sustainability.... Read more»