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Study: Resolution Copper mine will use 250 billion gallons of water as drought ravages Arizona

As Arizona enters what is likely to be its third decade of unprecedented drought, the proposed Resolution Copper mine just east of Superior at the site of Oak Flat will use 250 billion gallons of water, according to a water study released by the San Carlos Apache Tribe.... Read more»

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Superior mayor, tribal officials spar over bill to stop Oak Flat mine

The mayor of Superior told a House panel Tuesday that a bill canceling a massive copper mine at Oak Flat would be “devastating” for the Pinal County town and its hopes to revitalize its economy.... Read more»

Resolution mine official calls permitting process a barrier to business

The Resolution Copper Mine in Arizona would be operating by now in most countries, but is still years away from getting all the permits it needs, a company official said Tuesday. But Rep. Raul Grijalva said "we have regulations ... to make sure environmental, public health and all other attributes of community impact are taken into account."... Read more»

San Carlos Apache, environmentalists battle Oak Flat copper mine bid

Oak Flat in Eastern Arizona lies in the midst of an environmental and economic controversy. The San Carlos Apache revere the federally owned land. Environmentalists consider it a sanctuary. Climbers, hikers and campers gravitate there for recreation. And Resolution Copper covets the rich veins of ore running beneath the surface.... Read more»

San Carlos Apache Tribe claims small victory in dispute over sacred land

The San Carlos Apache Tribe has been protesting at the Oak Flat campground for nearly two weeks in an attempt to protect land they deem sacred. Tribal leaders say they’re working with U.S. forest officials to continue their protest of Resolution Copper’s future mine in eastern Arizona. ... Read more»

Protests mount over Resolution Copper mine on Apache ancestral land

Protesters across Arizona are working to bring attention to a federal land exchange they say endangers an area sacred to the San Carlos Apache tribe. Some marched nearly 50 miles to decry the Resolution Copper Mine near Superior.... Read more»

Tech could change face of mining jobs at Resolution Copper

The small town of Superior has pinned its livelihood to mines for more than a century, but never has it had a prospect like this. The proposed Resolution Copper mine near this struggling town could be the most productive copper mine in North America, but the generations of traditional mining experience in Superior may not be of much use as Resolution, like mines around the world, turns to robotics.... Read more»

San Carlos Apache official says copper mine threatens sacred sites

San Carlos Apache Chairman Terry Rambler told a Senate committee Wednesday that a massive copper mine proposed for Southeast Arizona would desecrate land his tribe considers sacred.... Read more»1

Tempers flare in hearing over new Resolution Copper land-swap bill

A four-hour congressional hearing grew testy Thursday as House members considered a bill to swap thousands of acres of private and federal land to make way for a massive copper mine in Southeast Arizona.... Read more»

McCain pushes land swap for Resolution mine

Sen. John McCain demanded Thursday that Congress approve a bill to swap thousands of acres of federal land and clear the way for a copper mine that could result in thousands of jobs in southeast Arizona. But opponents said the proposed Resolution Copper Co. mine at Oak Flat would destroy sacred tribal land.... Read more»3

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Struggling towns battle ASU prof over ailing properties

A professor emeritus at Arizona State University has tangled with officials in Superior, Globe and Hayden over buildings he owns that are falling apart and a blight on their communities, the towns' leaders have said.... Read more»

House OKs land swap for Resolution Copper mine

The House voted Wednesday to swap more than 2,400 acres of copper-rich federal land in Pinal County with a mining company, Resolution Copper, that plans to develop the third-largest undeveloped copper resource in the world.... Read more»

Resolution Copper land swap passes House committee

A House committee Wednesday beat back repeated amendments and passed a bill to swap thousands of acres of federal land in Pinal County for thousands more owned by Resolution Copper throughout southeastern Arizona.... Read more»

Resolution Copper

Opponents vow to fight mining land swap

Government, tribal and environmental witnesses told a congressional committee Tuesday a controversial land-swap bill needs a lot of work before they will drop their resistance to it.... Read more»

Congress takes another look at Resolution Copper land swap

The House is taking up an Arizona land swap that would trade thousands of acres of federal land in Pinal County for thousands more owned by Resolution Copper throughout southeastern Arizona - the 10th try in the last six years.... Read more»

Copper mine seeks support by wielding checkbook

For Superior's mayor, it only makes sense to support a plan to mine a huge copper deposit deep below the national forest just east of town. Resolution Copper Mining LLC says the mine would employ hundreds. He has another reason to support the mine despite concerns raised by Native Americans, conservation groups and some residents: the company promises millions of dollars over the life of the mine provided the Town Council formally back the project.... Read more»1

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