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Probe of Texas National Guard border mission demanded over suicide attempts, abysmal conditions and delayed pay

Thirteen Democratic Texas congressional delegation members called for an investigation into Operation Lone Star, Gov. Greg Abbott’s highly touted border mission, following news reports of poor working and living conditions for troops, habitual pay problems, and suspected suicides.... Read more»

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COVID-19 leading cause of law enforcement deaths in 2021

COVID-19 was the leading cause of law enforcement deaths in 2021, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, with some 301 deaths directly attributable to the pandemic as of December 31, 2021, and a final number that was likely to be higher.... Read more»

Texas lawmakers deplore mistreatment of National Guardsmen sent to border duty

Reports that Texas National Guard soldiers deployed to Gov. Greg Abbott's highly touted border security mission are experiencing pay delays and poor working conditions — and that some have recently died by suicide — are drawing concern from Texas lawmakers. ... Read more»

Pandemic adds pressure on doctors, who already had one of the highest rates of suicide

Physicians have one of the highest rates of death by suicide, and the intensities and difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic have only increased the stressors that care providers are under. ... Read more»

Two proposals target Arizona trans youth in sports, medicine

Arizona medical professionals who perform gender-affirming surgery or provide hormonal treatment to transgender or gender nonconforming minors would face felony charges and prison time under a proposed law from northern Arizona legislator Sen. Wendy Rogers.... Read more»

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The emerging national tragedy of police suicides

Beginning Jan. 1, the FBI will collect data on suicides by law enforcement officers, with the goal of releasing the first in a series of annual reports next summer. It may finally bring a problem that has deeply affected American policing out of the “shadows,” writes the executive director of the Police Executive Research Program.... Read more»

Arizona schools address COVID’s impact on student mental health

Teens are struggling more than usual with their mental health, due to social isolation, economic instability and other worries surrounding COVID-19, and across Arizona, schools are trying to help students protect their emotional well-being.... Read more»

1 de cada 5 víctimas de suicidio en Arizona son veteranos, de acuerdo a un estudio

Las tasas de suicidio de los veteranos han superado históricamente a las de los civiles, pero las cifras son peores en Arizona, donde los veteranos pueden enfrentar barreras para los proveedores de salud física y mental.... Read more»

1 in 5 Arizona suicide victims were veterans, 5-year ASU study finds

Veteran suicide rates have historically surpassed those of civilians, but the numbers are worse for Arizona, where veterans can face barriers to physical and mental health providers.... Read more»

COVID harmed kids’ mental health—and schools are feeling it

After more than 18 months of school closures and social isolation, the nation’s more than 50 million public school children are mostly back at their desks - but the grief, anxiety and depression children have experienced during the pandemic is welling over into classrooms.... Read more»

Racial discrimination is linked to suicidal thoughts in Black adults and children

Research shows that any attempt to address inequitable treatment of Black Americans should also account for the ways in which racial discrimination has impacted mental health outcomes among this particular population. ... Read more»

'Don’t give up': Arizona high school football players join forces to address teen suicide

Teen suicide is on the rise, and for the third straight year, the Grand Canyon State Gridiron Club and Teen Lifeline worked together to create public service announcements to help prevent suicide among Arizona’s youth.... Read more»

Add the area code: 10-digit phone numbers required in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona residents not yet in the habit of adding a 520 when making local phone calls have just 10 days to make the change. Starting Oct. 24, 10-digit dialing will be required, to allow for system changes for the new 988 suicide hotline.... Read more»

Remembering ‘3’: Arizona universities to honor Tyler Hilinski, address athlete mental health

The University of Arizona and colleges and universities across the country last Saturday kicked off College Football Mental Health Week, an initiative sponsored by Hilinski’s Hope - a nonprofit founded in 2018 following former Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski’s suicide.... Read more»

Red flag laws are saving lives — but they could save more

Red flag laws have become a popular tool to prevent mass shootings, suicides and deadly domestic violence, but many law enforcement officials and legislators say the public and even some police officers have so little knowledge of the tool that it isn’t used as often as it should be.... Read more»

Tucson advocate spotlights maternal deaths related to mental health

The national conversation around maternal mortality has served to spotlight physical complications, such as cardiovascular issues, but Tucson resident Sarah Barrett is among those battling a leading but overlooked cause of pregnancy-related deaths: conditions linked to mental health.... Read more»

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