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'I was struggling to survive': Arizona event raises awareness for suicide prevention

The annual “Stay” event - presented during September, which is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month - was focused on suicide awareness prevention, and the title is to encourage those contemplating suicide to stay on earth among the living.... Read more»

Few Arizona mental health providers as COVID-19 spikes anxiety, depression

Arizona ranks close to last in the nation when it comes to available mental health care providers – a problem that’s been underscored during a pandemic that is increasing anxiety and depression.... Read more»

As suicide rates climb, 'Arizona model' leads nation in crisis care

Other states are starting to emulate what has become known as the “Arizona model” for crisis care, in which suicide hotlines, mobile crisis units and crisis facilities are electronically linked, creating a comprehensive system of services to address the first 24 hours of a person’s psychiatric emergency. ... Read more»

High suicide rates in Arizona lead to prevention awareness efforts

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among Arizonans ages 15-34, according to a 2019 study that attributes the toll to such things as exposure to social media, harassment and the pressure to succeed.... Read more»

National Guard, clergy team to help stop suicides

The Arizona National Guard is teaming with clergy and church members to help identify service members and veterans at risk for suicide and build relationships that help connect them with services.... Read more»

Military suicides high even as wars wind down

Even as the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, the U.S. military remains embroiled in what seems to be a losing battle: the fight against the growing number of suicides by active duty troops, and Iraq or Afghanistan veterans.... Read more»1