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When pregnancy loss becomes a crime

Some states have sharply increased criminal investigations of pregnancy loss - targeting people who are poor, young, have substance abuse issues or live in areas with limited health services - and the investigations could increase with the overturn of Roe.... Read more»

Teletherapy expanded during the pandemic, but is it effective for behavioral health?

Telehealth has been a widely used resource during the pandemic, but as providers and policymakers consider its future, some continue to weigh the pros and cons of treating certain conditions from a distance – particularly mental illness and substance use. ... Read more»

Tucson advocate spotlights maternal deaths related to mental health

The national conversation around maternal mortality has served to spotlight physical complications, such as cardiovascular issues, but Tucson resident Sarah Barrett is among those battling a leading but overlooked cause of pregnancy-related deaths: conditions linked to mental health.... Read more»

Few Arizona mental health providers as COVID-19 spikes anxiety, depression

Arizona ranks close to last in the nation when it comes to available mental health care providers – a problem that’s been underscored during a pandemic that is increasing anxiety and depression.... Read more»

Fear, isolation, depression: The mental health fallout of a worldwide pandemic

Mental health experts predict an avalanche of mental health needs as the pandemic progresses.... Read more»

Addiction treatment shfits under coronavirus challenges

Helping patients stay in recovery from an opioid addiction was never easy. The coronavirus crisis made it harder. ... Read more»

Rising access to substance abuse treatment faces 'critical' counselor shortage

Changes to health care law in the past year gave millions of Americans access to mental health and substance abuse treatment, but did nothing to address a 'critical' shortage of professionals who can provide that care.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Substance abuse a top Pima County issue

Commentators Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom, plus substance abuse counselor Carole Bennett talking about one of Pima County's top medical issues, and archaeologist Gayle Hartmann on the book "Last Water on the Devil's Highway."... Read more»

Revised psych manual could affect addiction diagnoses

What's in a name? That's a question that experts are wrestling with as they prepare to revise the diagnostic manual that spells out the criteria for addiction and other substance-use problems.... Read more»

Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93

Betty Ford, the first lady whose openness about her personal battles with breast cancer, drugs and alcohol helped shatter U.S. social taboos on such issues, died Friday at the age of 93.... Read more»