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'Therapy is for white people': Black mental health experts work to overcome stigmas

Nationally, about 1 in 3 Black adults who need mental health care receive it. The American Psychiatric Association finds they also are more likely to access such care through emergency rooms or primary doctors than from mental health specialists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 14% of Black adults received any mental health treatment in 2019 compared with 23% of whites. Of those seeking treatment, 8% of Black patients got counseling or therapy, compared with 11% of whites.... Read more»

Marijuana & mental health: Examining a complicated relationship

As restrictions on marijuana use fall and its popularity around the world rises, researchers and therapists are examining its influence on mental health. Some medical experts say cannabis has a negative effect on the psychological well-being of chronic users; however, other researchers say marijuana can alleviate suffering for people with anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.... Read more»

With focus on COVID-19, experts fear opioid crisis may worsen unseen

According to data collected by the ADHS, verified opioid overdoses jumped from 375 in February to 479 in March, the height of pandemic-related restrictions on business and travel. Confirmed opioid overdoses peaked at 500 in August, before starting to move back down.... Read more»

Fear, isolation, depression: The mental health fallout of a worldwide pandemic

Mental health experts predict an avalanche of mental health needs as the pandemic progresses.... Read more»

As suicide rates climb, 'Arizona model' leads nation in crisis care

Other states are starting to emulate what has become known as the “Arizona model” for crisis care, in which suicide hotlines, mobile crisis units and crisis facilities are electronically linked, creating a comprehensive system of services to address the first 24 hours of a person’s psychiatric emergency. ... Read more»

Amado youngsters have new hangout

Armed with a Drug Free Communities Grant and money and donated supplies from Pima County and area businesses, the small border town of Amado has a place for kids to go with a new youth center.... Read more»