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La creciente población latina de Arizona está subrepresentada entre los maestros

El cuarenta y cinco por ciento de los estudiantes de Arizona en los grados de prekínder a 12 se identifican como latinos, pero solo el 16% de los más de 58,000 maestros de Arizona son latinos, según datos del Departamento de Educación de Arizona.... Read more»

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Arizona’s growing Latino population is underrepresented among teachers

Forty-five percent of Arizona students in grades pre-K through 12 identify as Latino, but only 16% of Arizona’s more than 58,000 teachers are Latino, according to Arizona Department of Education data.... Read more»


3 ways teachers can help special-ed students of color do better

When compared to white students with disabilities, students of color with disabilities are more likely to be placed in separate classrooms, and this may lead to lower educational outcomes for students of color in special education.... Read more»

Parents say mask-optional policies leave out high-risk students

Parents of immunocompromised children fear a new COVID-19 surge could put their kids at risk and bans on school mask mandates - enacted by mostly Republican lawmakers and governors across the country - could put their children at risk.... Read more»

After the pandemic disrupted their high school educations, students are arriving at college unprepared

Many students whose last years of high school were disrupted by the pandemic are struggling academically in the foundational college courses they need - now, as college students, they are not only are less prepared than they should be, they’ve forgotten how to be students.... Read more»

Bill that would’ve forced Arizona teachers to out students modified

A GOP bill that would have forced teachers to out LGBTQ students was amended in the Senate Education Committee Tuesday to remove that language, but still faced criticism from Democratic lawmakers and the LGBTQ community.... Read more»

Arizona House committee moves to repeal mask mandates amid declining COVID numbers

An Arizona House committee voted Wednesday to advance legislation that would ban school districts from imposing mask mandates on children amid similar actions across the country and a declining number of COVID-19 cases. ... Read more»

GOP bill would force Arizona teachers to out LGBTQ students to parents

Arizona Republicans this week lined up behind a measure that would discipline teachers and open them up to lawsuits if they don’t tell parents everything a student tells them — even if the student confides that he or she is gay or transgender.... Read more»

Is online learning creating a virtual school-to-prison pipeline?

Because of the pandemic and virtual learning, behavior in the classroom that would simply be referred back to the parent for home correction is now open to scrutiny by teachers in an academic setting, and these policies have led to negative unintended consequences for students.... Read more»

Combining remote and in-person learning led to chaos, study finds

A small study of teachers across nine states finds that the hybrid solution - allowing children to learn remotely along with their in-person classmates - is the worst way to teach because it’s exhausting for teachers to toggle between the two modes and all students appear to learn less.... Read more»

Demand among Black, Latino students fuels college entrepreneurship programs

Increasing numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans are starting their own businesses - and in response, colleges and universities are launching or expanding entrepreneurship programs, which they see as a way of increasing enrollment and attracting more diverse students.... Read more»

With federal COVID sick leave gone, workers feel pressure to show up at work

Paid sick leave is an essential tool in the effort to prevent COVID-19 infection and keep workplaces safe, yet federal laws that offered COVID-related paid sick leave have expired, and many sick workers must wrestle with difficult questions when deciding whether to stay home.... Read more»

The affordability gap is the biggest part of the digital divide

High-speed internet at home is a necessity for American families - however, 28.2 million U.S. households lack what has become a basic need, and issues around broadband affordability disproportionately affect low-income, Black, and Latinx communities. ... Read more»

Quarantine and tracing rules are all over the map for students

The number and complexity of school quarantine policies have left parents with the impression there is little rhyme or reason in quarantining - a frequent complaint when districts in the same county, under the purview of the same public health officials, are handling it differently.... Read more»

Arizona schools address COVID’s impact on student mental health

Teens are struggling more than usual with their mental health, due to social isolation, economic instability and other worries surrounding COVID-19, and across Arizona, schools are trying to help students protect their emotional well-being.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Teachers must often face student attacks alone

Given the mass teacher exodus that is underway in the U.S. and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital for society in general – and policymakers and school administrators in particular – to find ways to make sure America’s schoolteachers feel safe doing their jobs.... Read more»

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