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Take the shot? Schools explore vaccine mandates for student-athletes

COVID-19 outbreaks from last year and this fall that originated in schools often were traced back to sports, leaders say, which led them to mandate vaccines for athletes as opposed to all students - but some parents feel the choice should be left up to them.... Read more»

Heads-up on concussions: Arizona Cardinals’ receiver Christian Kirk praises Barrow’s Brainbook

Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Christian Kirk talked about the Barrow Brainbook, an educational module introduced 10 years ago to teach students how to prevent concussions, in large part because of a better understanding of the byproduct of concussions and head trauma.... Read more»

UA - Clemson? ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 alliance could change college football landscape

The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences announced an official alliance Tuesday – a move that could impact the athletic programs at the University of Arizona and Arizona State, as well as the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. ... Read more»

Arizona among states poised to allow college athletes to profit off their names, images

A seismic shift will rock college sports beginning next month, when a handful of new state laws go into effect allowing student athletes to make money off their personal images, though legislation in Congress and a pending Supreme Court decision could play a part in any policy changes.... Read more»