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What the Devil won't tell you

Rise of the Garys: How the GOP lost the Foothills & turned Pima deep blue

The Garys live in the Foothills, and worked pretty hard on their degrees and spent quite a bit sending their kids to college. They believe up is up and down is down, even if Donald John Trump says “Up is platypus.”... Read more»


Beware of the growing influence of Foothills leftists

Unsuccessful Board of Supervisors candidate Steve Spain blamed his loss on “growing leftist blocs in the Foothills.” I myself have seen the disturbing evidence of this advancing tide of radicalism among the residents of slopes of the Catalinas.... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

The Ballad of Martha McSally & other election thoughts

Now that the lava is cooling we are left to consider weed, cash for schools, Pima County's deep Blue wave, what the country gets wrong about Arizona, and what the establishment struggles to understand about Latinos because apparently they haven't met any. ... Read more»

Mapping the GOP supervisor primary in Pima County's District 1

With retiring Supervisor Ally Miller's endorsement, newcomer Steve Spain scored a solid victory in the August 4 Republican primary for Pima County supervisor in District 1. ... Read more»

Conover wins Pima County Attorney race, Heinz ousts Valadez from Supes seat

In key Pima County races, Laura Conover won county attorney election with 57%, while Matt Heinz beat out incumbent Supervisor Ramon Valadez in the Democratic primary in District 2.... Read more»

El Chisme

Constable Ferguson reporting for duty

The Daily Star newsroom got a little bit sleepier on Tuesday, as longtime political reporter Joe Ferguson became a politician himself, trading his pen for a gun. Despite accusations of "a political favor" and some loud profanity, Pima supervisors appointed him as a constable in JP 9.... Read more»1