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Matt Baker yells at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for issues with the midterm election during a Nov. 16, 2022, meeting.

Yelling, interruptions and scathing criticisms were hurled at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Wednesday, during the board’s first meeting following a midterm election whose administration has been called into question locally and across the country. Read more»

Pro-Trump protesters on a street corner near the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where the Arizona Senate was conducting a review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County.

The Republican National Committee is suing Maricopa County over election transparency and election worker hiring practices, in what the Arizona county’s Republican recorder called “a political stunt.” Read more»

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer questions election officials during a Jan. 5, 2022, hearing at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Maricopa County Elections Department officials were responding to claims about the 2020 General Election made by Senate contractors Cyber Ninjas, Cyfir, and EchoMail.

In a scathing letter, Maricopa County officials laid into Attorney General Mark Brnovich for issuing a report last month that was "full of false innuendo and misrepresentations" about the 2020 election. Read more»

Trump speaking at an event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, June 23, 2020.

Yes, the Trump supporters behind the Arizona election fraudit are idiots, but they are the most dangerous idiots in U.S. history.They must be stopped. Sitting out 2022 is not an option. Their report is a blatant attempt to justify Republican moves to toss out democracy. Read more» 1

State Rep. Raquel Terán will be moving from the Arizona House of Representatives to the Senate, replacing former Sen. Tony Navarrete, who resigned last month after being charged with counts of alleged child sex abuse. Read more»

A mapping consultant selected by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission says some of its past work has been mischaracterized, while critics point to a track record from National Demographics Corporation that they say shows a history of disadvantaging Latino voters. Read more»

Contractors working for Cyber Ninjas, who was hired by the Arizona State Senate, examine and recount ballots from the 2020 general election at Veterans Memorial Coliseum on May 8, 2021.

Observers sent by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to the Senate’s audit of the Maricopa County election shared concerns with reporters Wednesday saying that auditors are making up procedures as they go and that security issues continue to be a concern. Read more»

A computer from an election audit ballot evaluation station at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Observers from the Secretary of State's Office said they were concerned that computers used to tally recount results were left unattended and unlocked.

Observers with the Arizona’s Secretary of State’s Office who were granted access to the state Senate’s 'audit' of the Maricopa County election said they witnessed concerning issues in regards to security of computers, ballots and a general lack of procedures around the process. Read more»

Maricopa County ballots cast in the 2020 general election are being photographed, examined, and recounted at Veterans Memorial Coliseum by contractors working for Florida-based company, Cyber Ninjas, who was hired by the Arizona State Senate.

The Arizona election 'audit' won’t be halted, but a judge rejected arguments to seal documents outlining the procedures that are guiding how the review ordered by state Senate Republicans is carried out. Read more»

Boxes of ballots cast in the November 2020 election in Maricopa County sit behind a chain link fence inside Veterans Memorial Coliseum the day before the state Senate's election audit was set to begin.

A brief weekend pause in the Arizona Senate’s election 'audit' that a judge ordered on Friday won’t happen because the Arizona Democratic Party declined to put up a $1 million bond that the judge requested to cover any expenses that the Senate wrongfully incurs due to the halt. Read more»

Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley, presented nothing to support his claim that the county supervisors or their auditors destroyed any records.

Rep. Mark Finchem, an Oro Valley Republican who has built a national following by falsely insisting there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election in Arizona is now pushing a new evidence-free conspiracy theory: A planned audit by the Arizona Senate might turn up nothing because Maricopa County officials “destroyed evidence” when they conducted two audits of the election last month. Read more»

The audit results come as Maricopa County continues its legal battle with the Arizona Senate over Republican lawmakers’ attempt to conduct their own audit of the election.

The results of two forensic audits commissioned by Maricopa County of ballot tabulation machines used in the 2020 election found no evidence of hacking, malware, vote switching or internet connectivity. Read more»

Sen. Warren Petersen, who issued subpoenas for 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots and all of the county’s election equipment is pushing legislation that would require counties to turn those things over to lawmakers. Sen. Martin Quezada, a Phoenix Democrat, said the bill seemed like an admission that the Senate didn’t actually have the authority for its subpoenas, and wondered why Republicans couldn’t let the courts settle the dispute. Read more»

Maricopa County began its own audit of its tabulation machines on Tuesday, and expects to finish on Thursday or Friday. The county has provided the Senate with tens of thousands of pages of publicly available voter registration information, logs showing which election workers accessed equipment and detailed election results.

All 16 Republicans in the Arizona Senate co-sponsored a resolution calling for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to be held in contempt and arrested for refusing to comply with wide-ranging subpoenas for election equipment and materials. The supervisors have challenged the subpoenas in court, and a judge has not yet ruled on the legality of the subpoena. Read more»

A protester holds a sign outside the Executive Tower in Phoenix on Dec. 14, 2020. The protesters believe Donald Trump won re-election in 2020 and objected to the state casting its electoral votes for Joe Biden.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ordered an audit of equipment used to tally the November vote to determine whether Maricopa County’s ballot tabulation machines have been hacked in any way. The county will contract with two auditors certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. A proposed settlement agreement between the Senate and the county would require the Senate to use an EAC-approved auditor. Read more»

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