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Maricopa County officials blast AG Brnovich for 'false' report on his 2020 election probe

In a scathing letter, Maricopa County officials laid into Attorney General Mark Brnovich for issuing a report last month that was "full of false innuendo and misrepresentations" about the 2020 election.... Read more»

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Arizona GOP ballot measure would restrict early voting to speed up ballot counting

Nail-biter elections that last two weeks after the polls close could be a thing of the past under a proposed measure that could be on the November ballot — with the trade-off that Arizonans will have fewer options for casting their votes.... Read more»1

Despite lingering claims, election officials hope to put 2020 in the past

While bipartisan panel of election officials preferred to look forward to the 2022 general elections, other voting rights advocates said officials cannot afford to ignore the ongoing threat posed by election deniers.... Read more»

Arizona's Stephen Richer creates PAC to back 'pro-democracy' Republicans

Republican candidates who reject the false and baseless claims that the last election was rigged may have some extra financial support in the next one - courtesy of a new political action committee - created by Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer.... Read more»

Democrats blast 'cancer' of Arizona election probe on eve of release

Democrats went on the offensive Thursday, saying the Arizona election audit scheduled to be released Friday is a “cancer spreading through the country” as it is mimicked by other states. ... Read more»

Disinformation may be the new normal, election officials fear

The lies about election fraud, which range from false claims about the winner of the 2020 presidential race to accusations about this month’s California recall process, have state and local election officials worried about the future. ... Read more»

Arizona activist group says it meant to allege 'ghost' votes from a nonexistent address

The leader of an activist group that issued a report on election irregularities provided an explanation why she falsely claimed ballots were cast from a vacant lot: She meant to attribute those votes to an address that doesn’t actually exist and where she knew no ballots were cast.... Read more»

Arizona 'audit' spreading mistrust in election process across the country, officials warn

The mistrust in Arizona’s Nov. 3 presidential election and the months-long "audit" it spawned is quickly spreading across the country, with politically driven efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Texas, the executive director of Secure Democracy said Wednesday. ... Read more»

Arizona voter 'canvass' features big allegations, zero evidence, outright falsehoods

After months of hype that the 2020 election was rigged, a long-awaited report on a volunteer “canvassing” effort of Maricopa County voters landed with a dull thud when the activists behind it made a series of breathless allegations without any evidence to back them up.... Read more»1

Senators review draft of Arizona election 'audit', as critics redouble attacks

Arizona Senate Republicans are expected to begin their review Wednesday of a partial Maricopa County election 'audit', but critics are not waiting until then to target the report as little more than “invalid and unreliable” partisan propaganda. ... Read more»

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Extremists have co-opted patriotic symbols and words. It’s time to reclaim them.

Extremists have turned patriotic symbols and phrases into dog whistles for white nationalism, and if we want to turn this dark period in our nation's history around, we need to reclaim our patriotic symbols and norms and not relinquish them to authoritarians and conspiracy theorists.... Read more»


Debunking Trump’s latest Arizona election claims

After a contractor hired by state Senate Republicans to look into the results of the 2020 Arizona election provided an update on its findings at a legislative hearing on July 15, former President Donald Trump issued a series of false and misleading statements about what it has uncovered.... Read more»

Maricopa County demands Arizona Senate preserve election 'audit' documents for litigation

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors sent Senate President Karen Fann a letter demanding that she preserve documents related to the Senate’s controversial 'audit' of the 2020 general election, indicating that the county may sue her over what it says are defamatory allegations that it deleted files from a hard drive. ... Read more»

Election officials can fight fraud; fighting misinformation is tougher

Maricopa County’s chief information security officer said the county was able to handle cyberthreats to the 2020 elections, but handling public perception of the results in the face of rampant social media misinformation has been more of a challenge. ... Read more»

Arizona’s election auditors are 'making it up as they go,' expert observers say

Observers sent by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to the Senate’s audit of the Maricopa County election shared concerns with reporters Wednesday saying that auditors are making up procedures as they go and that security issues continue to be a concern. ... Read more»

Maricopa supervisors deny allegations, call for end to 'sham' audit

After Senate President Karen Fann’s 'audit' team accused Maricopa County election officials of illegally deleting files and other improprieties, the Board of Supervisors responded with a full-blown denunciation, denying the allegations and decrying the 'audit' as a sham that should be put to rest.... Read more»

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