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Swath of opioid lawsuits on cusp of $26 billion settlement

Fourteen states, not including Arizona, unveiled a settlement agreement that would resolve thousands of lawsuits against opioid distributors over their role in the opioid epidemic and create new regulations going forward. ... Read more»

States begin prep for mail-in voting in presidential election

Election officials in states with restrictive absentee requirements are looking for ways to allow as many voters as possible to use absentee ballots, a safer alternative to in-person voting in a global pandemic. I... Read more»


Coronavirus quarantines & your legal rights: 4 questions answered

With the spread of a deadly and communicable disease – the coronavirus is both – individual liberties may be temporarily sidelined to protect the larger community. ... Read more»

10 reasons Ala.'s immigration law is a disaster for state gov't

The unintended consequences of Alabama’s new immigration law reach deep into state and local government operations and will affect every citizen and resident of the state.... Read more»2