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Judge rejects secret election 'audit' hearing requested by Arizona Republicans

A Wednesday court hearing to determine whether election auditors hired by Arizona Senate Republicans can shield the policies and procedures guiding their work from the public will take place in open court after a judge on Tuesday rejected an attempt by the auditors and Republicans to bar the press and the public from the court.... Read more»

Top GOP senator: Shredded Maricopa ballots will ‘evaporate’ if given to the AG

A top-ranking Senate Republican told a Pinal County woman who claims to have found shredded 2020 ballots in a trash bin that she should turn them over to him and warned against trusting the Republican attorney general with the “smoking gun” evidence of election fraud. ... Read more»1

Maricopa County: Dumpster divers didn’t find bags of shredded voted 2020 ballots

Maricopa County election officials say a bagful of shredded ballots that "stop the steal" activists claim to have found in a trash can at the elections department weren't cast in the 2020 election.... Read more»