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Tucson businesses targeted in multi-state 'spice' drug probe

At least two Tucson-area businesses were raided by federal law enforcement agents Wednesday morning as part of a multi-state investigation targeting the sale and distribution of the synthetic drug known as "spice." ... Read more»

DEA bans chemicals in 'bath salts'; efforts for state law stalled

Many states have passed laws against bath salts or enacted emergency bans, but a bill that would have had Arizona following suit died during this year’s legislative session. Now the Drug Enforcement Administration has temporarily banned three chemicals used to make the synthetic stimulant.... Read more»

Marijuana alternative 'spice' now illegal in Arizona

Spice, a chemically treated blend of herbs marketed as incense but often smoked as an alternative to marijuana, is now illegal in Arizona.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Marijuana-like herb needs regulation

The young man shook uncontrollably and couldn’t speak. As an emergency room doctor tried to figure out what was wrong, the man’s friends showed a package of herbs clearly marked “not for human consumption.” The man and his friends had smoked "spice."... Read more»2

Indonesia sweats high chili prices

In spice-mad Indonesia, the 2010 Chili Crisis is taking its toll.... Read more»