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Mystery of the monarchs: Western butterfly populations stage remarkable comeback

Scientists at Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove were alarmed last year when fewer than 200 monarch butterflies were counted, he fewest since annual tracking of the pollinators began in 1997 - but this last counting season, an estimated 22,000 monarchs were tallied at the grove. ... Read more»

Arizona volunteers plant hope for the future of monarch butterflies

At Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area near McNeal one day last month, 25 volunteers spent five hours planting milkweed to create waypoints for monarchs migrating to Southern California and west-central Mexico from the northern U.S. and Canada – a trip that can stretch 3,000 miles each way.... Read more»1

Migrating monarchs dwindling, but experts say it’s not all doom and gloom

Monarch butterflies have dwindled to the point that they’re being considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Tucson's Center for Biological Diversity sued, and a settlement requires a decision by June.... Read more»

Global warming, pesticides killing off monarch butterflies

Global warming and pesticide use are disrupting the monarch’s migration patterns through Arizona and destroying milkweeds, the food source for its young. The number of migrating monarchs has dropped by as much as 90 percent in two decades. Should they be declared an endangered species?... Read more»