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U.S. House votes to scuttle statues of Confederate leaders, bust of Dred Scott author

The U.S. House voted Tuesday to remove from the Capitol a bust of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, a Marylander who wrote the despised Dred Scott decision — as well as evict statues and busts of men who fought for the Confederacy or served in its government.... Read more»

Reaction to Trump 'Proud Boy' comment goes from dismay to distress

President Donald Trump on Wednesday defended his debate comments on the right-wing extremists known as the Proud Boys, but reaction from officials in Arizona ranged from dismissal to dismay. ... Read more»

"All we want is for them to listen to us": In Mexico, Trump's latest asylum policy stirs anger, fear and confusion

The Trump administration's new policy aimed at disqualifying most asylum seekers is stirring anger and resentment among migrants who have waited months to present themselves at a port of entry.... Read more»

Gosar shouted down at right-wing groups’ event on social media access

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar called police on protesters during a forum complaining about conservative speech being "shut down" on social media.... Read more»

More employers may be using temps to skirt immigration laws

States that have required private employers to use E-Verify have seen especially dramatic growth in the number of temporary workers. Experts say that’s no accident. ... Read more»

Detained immigrants often hundreds of miles from legal help

Only a tiny percentage of detained immigrants have attorneys, leaving even those with solid cases to stay in the United States to fend for themselves. ... Read more»

Two hawkish anti-immigration groups say Trump consulted them on policy

Two groups that support far-reaching curbs on legal immigration to the United States and ideological screening of would-be immigrants to test their beliefs say Donald Trump's presidential campaign has consulted them on his immigration policy. ... Read more»

Honoring the other veterans: Az group chafes at limits on Confederate flags

On Memorial Day, some Americans will head to local cemeteries to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers – in some cases, the graves of those who fought for the other side. One of the most cherished activities of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is the decoration of Confederate graves with that flag.... Read more»1

Foley’s war: Occupying the U.S.-Mexico border

The founding member of the Arizona Border Recon, Tim Foley leads a group of well-armed volunteers who patrol the desert for people and drugs crossing illegally from Mexico.... Read more»1


The political backlash of bullying prevention

Optimist that I am, I always believed that even though our society is so politically divided, there were certain issues that we could all rally around as human beings, such as preventing violence against children and youth. But even this seemingly benign, universally acceptable issue is drawing criticism.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

The outrage industry

Making you scared and angry is an international industry. But you don’t need to buy in.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

The ignoble death of Arizona racist J.T. Ready

Last week I offered Russell Pearce’s anti-Mexican jihad as an example of the kind of overt racism that is no longer tolerated in politics. Now just a few days later we learn that J.T. Ready, Arizona’s leading white supremacist, appears to have committed a murder-suicide.... Read more»

The high costs of immigration enforcement

State and local anti-immigration laws cause great economic and social damage. They cost millions of dollars to defend in court. This drains strained budgets, depresses local economies, and divides communities along racial and ethnic lines.... Read more»1

Soft focus on hidden-camera video of illegal aliens

A online video showing hidden-camera footage of groups of illegal immigrants walking through the Arizona desert is creating a stir online and in the media. But there's been little focus on the producer, an anti-immigration group from Washington, D.C.... Read more»4