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World now has more refugees than any other time in the last 50 years

Close to 60 million people have fled their homes because of either conflict or persecution, A report released Thursday by the UN said.... Read more»

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Is the UN sure it wants Mexican soldiers keeping the peace?

The Mexican army faces multiple murder allegations as it prepares to join United Nations peacekeeping missions.... Read more»

Explainer: What's going on in South Sudan

GlobalPost's senior correspondent in East Africa decodes what you need to know about Africa's biggest problem of the moment.... Read more»

How South Sudan ended up at the brink of civil war

In July, South Sudan celebrated its second year of independence. Just five months later, analysts warned the country could be sliding toward civil war. Violence began to spread from the capital of Juba.... Read more»

Should your next cup of Nespresso come from South Sudan? George Clooney thinks so

Nespresso frontman George Clooney calls the company's plan to develop coffee plantations in South Sudan a "game-changing move." ... Read more»

Hidden war: Scores killed, displaced in Sudan's Nuba Mountains

Khartoum continues to refuse humanitarian access to the Nuba Mountains. The ongoing war is being conducted almost entirely of sight. ... Read more»


Sudan faces new charges of war crimes

As thousands cower in caves, the Enough Project petitions an African commission to stop Sudan from bombing civilians in the Nuba Mountains.... Read more»

Sudan rebels battle Khartoum army

A ragtag bunch of skinny Nuban men in ragged T-shirts and sandals carrying AK-47s may well become a potent threat to Sudan President Omar al-Bashir's 21-year regime in Khartoum.... Read more»

South Sudan prepares for independence

As this new nation of South Sudan anticipates its birth on Saturday, last-minute preparations are being made in this soon-to-be capital city.... Read more»

Clooney satellite exposes Sudanese military buildup

Disturbing reports indicate that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is using the Sudan Armed Forces against the civilian population in the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan's South Kordofan province.... Read more»

Obama calls for cease-fire in Sudan

President Obama called for a cease-fire in Sudan on Tuesday amid a surge in fighting in the South Kordofan region as the United Nations says air strikes are causing "huge suffering" among civilians.... Read more»


It's no surprise Sudan has fallen into violence over oil-rich region

For months there have been warnings of a military buildup around Abyei, Sudan, particularly by the Sudan Armed Forces to the north, of troops, tanks and heavy armaments. President Omar al-Bashir's regime in Khartoum refused to give up its claims on Abyei with its fertile pastures and productive oil fields.... Read more»

U.N. helicopters shot at in Sudan

Four United Nations helicopters taking off from a fortified base in Abyei were shot at Tuesday by northern gunmen as President Omar al-Bashir struck a defiant tone against international condemnation of his army’s occupation of the town at the weekend.... Read more»

North Sudan seizes disputed oil-rich region

North Sudan forces have seized the disputed border town of Abyei, a move described by South Sudan as illegal and a "declaration of war." Tensions in the oil-producing region are rising and there are fears that the latest clashes could spark a new conflict, as South Sudan prepares for independence on July 9.... Read more»

U.S. envoy optimistic on peaceful independence for South Sudan

South Sudan stands a good chance of becoming an independent nation peacefully, despite ongoing skirmishes and a build up of military forces on the disputed border between North and South Sudan.... Read more»

In Sudan, Abyei back from the brink, for now

Abyei is widely, and rightly, considered the likely flashpoint between northern and southern Sudan as the South prepares for its long-awaited independence in July.... Read more»

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