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Small states cry foul on federal rental relief redistribution

States with small populations say a federal plan to take back unspent emergency rental aid and redistribute it elsewhere is unfair, potentially depriving them and their residents of millions of dollars to address broad affordable housing challenges.... Read more»

Public Integrity sues for South Dakota National Guard border deployment records

The Center for Public Integrity filed a lawsuit against the Defense Department and South Dakota National Guard seeking public release of records related to a decision by Gov. Kristi Noem to deploy the Guard to the Texas-Mexico border that raised issues about private funding of military actions and use of the military for political purposes.... Read more»

COVID-19 patients swamp rural hospitals

The nation’s pandemic hotspots have shifted to rural communities, overwhelming small hospitals that are running out of beds or lack the intensive care units for more than one or two seriously ill patients.... Read more»

Report: Az has 2nd worst traffic-safety laws in nation

Arizona got a failing grade Wednesday from a national highway safety group that said the state has adopted fewer than five of the 15 laws the group considers basic to traffic safety.... Read more»2

Wild cougar crossed U.S. in incredible journey before its death

A wild cougar, also called a mountain lion or puma, found dead on a Connecticut road is thought to have trekked 1,500 miles from South Dakota — the longest-ever recorded journey by a land mammal. (with video)... Read more»