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'Health shouldn’t have borders': Arizona and Sonora doctors team up to tackle infectious diseases

Chiricahua Community Health Clinics in Douglas started a binational infectious disease monitoring program - just as the COVID-19 pandemic was taking hold - and coordinate with hospitals in Sonora to track and treat infectious diseases on both sides of the border. ... Read more»

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Nogales se prepara con la frontera ahora abierta

​​Después de 19 meses, Nogales, Arizona, una ciudad fronteriza, reabrió el lunes 8 de noviembre para los viajeros no esenciales de México, dando esperanzas a sus 20,000 residentes y los negocios podrán regresar a la pre pandemia normal. ... Read more»

Nogales businesses hope reopening the border will reverse losses from pandemic

After 19 months, Nogales reopened Monday to fully vaccinated, nonessential travelers from Mexico, giving its 20,000 residents hope that business – and life – may return to pre-pandemic normal and just in time for the holidays, normally a booming time of year for merchants.... Read more»

Biden opening U.S.-Mexico border for fully vaccinated travelers, ending COVID restrictions

Pandemic restrictions at the Mexican and Canadian borders will be lifted in November for travelers who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, allowing travel by tourists and separated family members who've been unable to cross since March 2020. ... Read more»

Presidente mexicano AMLO pide disculpas a Pascua Yaqui, otras tribus por crímenes históricos

El presidente mexicano AMLO pidió disculpas a Pascua Yaqui y otras tribus por crímenes históricos en una reunión un Sonora ... Read more»

Mexican president AMLO issues apology to Pascua Yaqui, other tribes for historical crimes

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obredor issued an apology for "crimes of the state" committed against Native tribes, including the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, in a meeting last week. North of the border, President Biden became the first U.S. leader to proclaim Indigenous Peoples' Day.... Read more»

Nogales art exhibit challenges U.S. border politics with spirituality and nature

The Hilltop Gallery in Nogales, Arizona is showing an exhibit, "Donde Mueren los Sueños" or "Where Dreams Die," focused on immigration and border policy at the U.S. Southwest border, and It's curator, Michele Maggiora, said the exhibit's artists are doing so by first arousing a sense of spirituality and love of nature in its audience. ... Read more»

Sonora: Esa tierra donde no pasaba nada

En Magdalena de Kino, una historia reciente de violencia ha dejado frío y amenazador un lugar que alguna vez fue cálido y familiar. Maritza L. Félix escribe sobre cómo es visitar su ciudad natal en Sonora.... Read more»


Sonora: That land where nothing happened

In Magdalena de Kino, a recent history of violence has left a once warm and familiar place cold and threatening. Maritza L. Félix writes about what it's like to visit her hometown in Sonora. ... Read more»

Sonora closes border to non-essential travelers starting July 4

Mexican authorities in the state of Sonora are closing the U.S.-Mexico border to non-essential travel starting with the July 4 weekend to avoid further spread of COVID-19 amid increasing cases on both sides. ... Read more»1

Mexican government’s ‘Health Windows’ aid U.S. immigrants with preventative care

Bandages, blood pressure machines and other medical supplies clutter a folding table as student volunteers from the University of Arizona provide patients with much needed care they might not otherwise get. ... Read more»

9 members of Mormon family killed in ambush in northern Mexico

Gunmen ambushed members of a Mormon community near a town in northern Mexico on Monday morning, killing three women and six children, and wounding five other children. ... Read more»

Coke smuggler's arrest unravels alleged corruption of ex-Sonora governor

The arrest of an Hermosillo man for firing guns into the air led to the investigation of nearly two dozen members of Sonora's government, unveiling an alleged deal between a businessman and cocaine smuggler to funnel money into the campaign of Gov. Guillermo Padrés in exchange for rigged construction deals.... Read more»

Mexican state official and wife arrested by feds in Tucson

Roberto Romero López, a former member of Sonora's state government in Mexico, and his wife were arrested Monday by Homeland Security Investigations agents in Tucson. The couple are wanted in Mexico on corruption charges connected to a planned aqueduct in Hermosillo.... Read more»

Water cooperation across U.S.-Mexico border essential, complex

Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, share something more meaningful than their city name. They also share a source of water that is vital to their region of the border.... Read more»

Sonora ramps up tourism initiatives, downplays Mexico travel warning

Despite a renewed U.S. State Department travel warning for Mexico, neighboring Sonora is moving forward with ambitious plans to attract U.S. visitors just in time for spring break, according to a senior Mexican tourism official.... Read more»

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