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An engineer installs solar panels at a Colorado testing facility (2011 file photo).

The Community Foundation of Southern Arizona awarded seven Tucson and Pima County nonprofits with grants to switch to solar power. Read more»

The U.S. Senate, along party lines, passed a sweeping energy, health care, climate and tax package Sunday afternoon, following an overnight marathon of votes that resulted in just a handful of notable changes to the legislation. Read more»

Jules Moutet (left) holds part of the battery as he talks with Thomas Gianetti. Moutet and Gianetti are two of the co-founders of CarbeniumTec, which is trying to improve storage for renewable energy.

Scientists at the University of Arizona are in the process of developing an environmentally friendly battery that could help change the way renewable energy is stored, school officials said. Read more»

Researchers at Stanford University have built a solar cell capable of harvesting renewable energy both day and night and eliminate the need for batteries by harvesting energy from the heat drifting from Earth back into space as temperatures cool at night. Read more»

Coal Oil Point near the University of California, Santa Barbara.

A majority of Americans favor a transition to more carbon-neutral energy sources like solar and wind power, but approximately the same majority believes fossil fuels will remain a part of the energy portfolio for the foreseeable future. Read more»

SRP customers who installed solar panels on their homes filed an antitrust lawsuit against the utility after it began charging them more than other customers – a suit that can proceed, an appeals court said Monday. In this 2011 file photo, an engineer installs solar panels at a Colorado testing facility.

A federal appeals court said Monday that SRP customers - about 1 million in Arizona - who also have solar panels at their homes can pursue an antitrust claim against the utility for a policy of charging them more than other customers. Read more»

Researchers outfit a model tourist boat with a solar powered aeration pump in a canal covered with invasive water hyacinths.

Scientists in Mexico are cleaning polluted waterways with solar power, thus offsetting the carbon footprint of water treatment — and they're making moves to scale the technology up even bigger. Read more»

A new report says Phoenix had the fourth-largest solar power capacity among U.S. cities at the end of 2019, a fact one advocate said 'makes all the sense in the world,' given the city’s climate.

Phoenix dipped slightly in a national ranking of solar power capacity, even as the total amount of power generated and the power per person increased from last year, according to a national report. Read more»

Over the last decade, consumer complaints against U.S.-based solar companies have multiplied. Among them are claims that salespeople misrepresented the terms of power purchase agreements or leases. Some homeowners say they were tricked and locked into 20-year contracts that can’t be broken, short of paying the solar company tens of thousands of dollars. Read more»

While the U.S. Department of Energy declares America to be in the midst of a clean energy revolution – one that is generating “hundreds of billions in economic activity” – fraudsters have definitely arrived at the revolution. And they, too, are cashing in. Read more»

The coal-fired Navajo Generating Station near Page and the affiliated coal mine in Kayenta provided hundreds of jobs in the region for decades before closing down last month, victims of changing economics. But both facilities still face years of shutdown and cleanup operations.

The Navajo Generating Station and its affiliated Kayenta coal mine, now closed, face several years of decommissioning and cleanup as well as the possibility of decades of environmental monitoring of the sites, which closed down for good this fall after a two-year fight over their futures. Read more»

Tucson mayoral candidate Regina Romero: "The unfortunate reality is that we do not have much of a choice but to act - and to act boldly - if we want to have a livable city for future generations of Tucsonans." Read more» 1

Tucson mayoral candidate Mike Cease: "Climate change is the most catastrophic environmental, social and economic crisis that the human species has ever faced." Read more»

Arizona’s climate helps make it an ideal location for utility-scale projects, experts say, like this Sempra U.S. Gas & Power facility in Tonopah that provides energy for military bases in California.

Arizonans rejected a renewable energy proposition but the trend continues at the state level to encourage and increase standards in this emerging technology. Read more»

Councilman Paul Durham at TEP's Irvington Campus.

City Councilman Paul Durham: As you know, sustainable power generation, clean air and reducing our carbon footprint are high on my priority list. Since I took office, I've pushed the city to make our buildings more energy efficient and install more solar. So I questioned TEP pretty hardabout the RICE plant. Here's what I learned. Read more»

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