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Arizonans spent more than $2 billion on cannabis in 2021

Arizona adults spent slightly more than $2 billion on marijuana, with the recreational market bringing in nearly $594 million - despite sales beginning on Jan. 22, 2021 - and the well-established medical market that has been in existence for a decade recorded $758 million in sales in 2021.... Read more»

Movement to defund police gains urgency in Arizona

A years-old movement to reform police departments, which reentered the national debate last spring when a Minneapolis police officer dug his knee into George Floyd’s back until he couldn’t breathe, has taken root in Arizona.... Read more»

Shocking ways school kids are being restrained, isolated

Carson Luke, a young boy with autism, shattered bones in his hand and foot after educators grabbed him and tried to shut him into a “scream room.” Kids across the country risked similar harm at least 267,000 times in just one school year. ... Read more»

DES director touts Arizona’s efforts to reform social-service programs

The director of Arizona’s Department of Economic Security told a House subcommittee Wednesday that money’s not the problem when it comes to the welfare system – the system is.... Read more»

State officials push plan to ‘reinvent’ social services during Washington visit

The director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security was in Washington this week pushing his plan to “reinvent” the state’s safety net and create a streamlined system to better serve the needy. ... Read more»

4 ways community schools can support effective teaching

While there is research on the potential for wraparound services, including health care services, family involvement programs, and expanded food assistance programs to eliminate barriers to student learning, there is little known about the possible connection between those services and teacher efficacy. ... Read more»

Obama: Tribes at positive ‘turning point'

President Barack Obama told tribal leaders Friday he is “a president who’s got your back,” in a speech that promoted sovereignty and pledged improved federal cooperation.... Read more»

Arizona’s rising median age brings concerns, opportunity

Aging baby boomers drove Arizona’s median age up by 1.7 years over the last decade, to 35.9 years old in 2010, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.... Read more»

Study: 14% of Arizonans live in 'food deserts'

Nearly 14 percent percent of Arizonans live in a “food desert,” a low-income area with low access to a grocery store, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture study.... Read more»