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Senate GOP emergency relief plan leaves out direct aid to states, cities

The GOP plan failed to include direct aid to cities and states, a priority for Democrats, or rental relief or nutrition assistance.... Read more»

Senate ends annual legislative session without taking up bills

For the second time this month, the Senate has adjourned the 2020 legislative session. This time, it may stick.... Read more»

Sweeping coronavirus-relief bill passes House

Quibbling over legislative language in an emergency relief package for Americans impacted by the coronavirus came to an end in the House of Representatives on Monday night, putting finalization of the multibillion-dollar aid deal squarely in the Senate’s court.... Read more»

Disaster loans kept Az firms afloat after 9/11

The federal Small Business Administration approved $12.5 million in 9/11 disaster loans in Arizona and more than $500 million nationwide over the three years following the attacks, the first time the agency ever offered disaster assistance outside a declared disaster area.... Read more»