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Unemployment aid up, taxes cut in Az budget deal. But can it win GOP support?

Unemployment benefits will go up while tax rates will go down, especially for the wealthiest Arizonans, under the budget deal forged by Gov. Doug Ducey and legislative Republican leaders, but questions remain about GOP support for the legislation.... Read more»

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Prop. 208 ahead in early returns; would provide school funds that legislators have not

The proposition would allow districts to hire more teachers and raise salaries of a workforce that is at high risk during the pandemic in a state that consistently ranks low on teacher pay, school funding and student performance.... Read more»

As COVID adds hours and challenges, Az teachers look to Prop. 208 for more school funding

Amid a pandemic that has prompted some teachers to leave their profession, Arizonans are considering a proposal to raise taxes for high earners to help schools pay for salary increases and hire more staff. ... Read more»

House OKs $484 billion in COVID-19 relief, loans could go out this week

Money could start flowing to distressed small businesses as early as this week, after the House overwhelmingly approved a $484 billion measure that refills the exhausted Paycheck Protection Program and adds funds for hospitals and other services. ... Read more»

Billions of relief dollars for small businesses stuck in Congress quicksand

Replenishment of a federal loan program for small businesses failed to get Senate approval Monday amid a dispute over money for coronavirus testing. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Small Business Bill of Rights would rein in regulators

Calling it a response to state regulators bullying small businesses, a lawmaker wants to require agencies to list owners’ rights on their websites and present them prior to any investigation.... Read more»

Spinning ENDA

House Speaker John Boehner announced his opposition to a bill that would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity with a statement from his spokesman saying the bill “will increase frivolous litigation and cost American jobs, especially small business jobs.” But the facts suggest there’s not as much to these claims as Boehner lets on.... Read more»

Popular in Latino community, money pools a community approach to lending

An arrangement common among immigrants is known in the Latino community as a tanda or cundina, meaning roughly “taking a turn” or “doing a circle.” For some participants, money pools are a way of raising capital. Others use them to save. But for all who participate, the arrangements transcend economics to bind a community where reputation is as valuable as cash.... Read more»

Facts falling off the fiscal cliff

In press conferences on the so-called fiscal cliff, House Speaker John Boehner greatly exaggerated the negative effect on the economy of raising taxes on upper-income individuals.... Read more»

Voters reject Prop 116 on business property tax

Voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure to reduce taxes many businesses pay on property ranging from machinery to desks.... Read more»

Az businesswoman asks Congress for clarity in estate tax

Phoenix accountant Thala Rolnick told a House committee Thursday that, whatever Congress does with the estate tax, it needs to make sure the law is clear and consistent so small-business owners can plan their estates.... Read more»

Local First effort expands to Spanish-speaking community

Local First Arizona is trying to reach Spanish speakers through Fuerza Local — Spanish for Local Force — in an effort to attract more shoppers from the Latino community to buy locally.... Read more»2

ASU student-entrepreneurs get a running start

At Arizona State University, student-entrepreneurs are getting help with funding to further start-up companies through the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative.... Read more»

Obama signs JOBS Act into law

President Barack Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which is designed to give fast-growing startups a boost.... Read more»

Az business groups oppose health care reform

Businesses and business groups in Arizona have widely come out in opposition to the health care law being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.... Read more»

Social media helping Az's small buisnesses

In a slumping economy, Arizona small businesses have a modern trick up their sleeves: social media.... Read more»1

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