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The government gave free PPP money to public companies despite warning them not to apply

As Congress launched a bailout to keep businesses afloat at the outset of the pandemic, officials stressed that the loans were for businesses that didn’t have another easily available lifeline - instead, the government gave out generous loans to companies that may not have needed them. ... Read more»

Staying afloat: How Asian communities helped their small businesses survive COVID-19

The pandemic devastated small businesses across the country, but as the federal government stepped in to help, some Asian-owned businesses found the best relief came from the community rather than Congress.... Read more»

Az venues awarded $45M in COVID relief, but many are still waiting

Federal officials have awarded $45.3 million in COVID-19 relief funds to 68 Arizona concert venues, a vast improvement over the single grant awarded a month ago but still far short of the need, advocates say. ... Read more»

Arizona businesses get another 60 days to apply for pandemic relief assistance

Arizona business officials welcomed Tuesday’s extension of the Paycheck Protection Program, a multibillion-dollar pandemic-relief program for businesses that one official said has been “keeping people open from day to day” over the past year. The program was set to expire Wednesday with $88 billion still unallocated, but President Joe Biden signed a measure Tuesday extending it for another 60 days. Now businesses have until May 31 to apply for loans, which have been worth billions to Arizona businesses so far.... Read more»

How a federal agency excluded thousands of viable businesses from pandemic relief

The Small Business Administration refuses to give pandemic relief loans to people who have filed for bankruptcy, even if their businesses can survive. In December, Congress allowed the Small Business Administration to give exceptions to some debtors. ... Read more»

House OKs $484 billion in COVID-19 relief, loans could go out this week

Money could start flowing to distressed small businesses as early as this week, after the House overwhelmingly approved a $484 billion measure that refills the exhausted Paycheck Protection Program and adds funds for hospitals and other services. ... Read more»

Senate Democrats propose hazard pay for essential workers

Senate Democrats rolled out a new plan Tuesday to hike up pay for health care workers and other essential employees on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak. ... Read more»

Paul’s ‘head-scratching’ stats

Sen. Rand Paul was wrong when he said that 60 percent of law students and 55 percent of medical students are women. The share of female students at law and medical schools in the United States is 47 percent each and hasn’t varied much in 10 years.... Read more»

Brewer appeals FEMA denial of Yarnell disaster declaration

Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday asked the Obama administration to reverse a decision denying a federal disaster declaration for the fire-ravaged community of Yarnell.... Read more»

Disaster loans kept Az firms afloat after 9/11

The federal Small Business Administration approved $12.5 million in 9/11 disaster loans in Arizona and more than $500 million nationwide over the three years following the attacks, the first time the agency ever offered disaster assistance outside a declared disaster area.... Read more»