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$1 billion investment to acquire, conserve water is signed into Arizona law

Gov. Doug Ducey on Wednesday signed a bill investing more than $1 billion into efforts to augment and preserve water supplies in Arizona as the Southwest remains in the grip of a drought that has lasted more than two decades. ... Read more»

Ron Watkins files an ethics complaint against Wendy Rogers, alleging she put his life in danger

Ron Watkins, the man purported to be an architect of the QAnon conspiracy theory, filed an ethics complaint against Arizona Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers for a post she made about him in which she asked the “Groyper army” to “hit” Watkins. ... Read more»

Az schools dodge massive cuts as Leg raises spending cap for this year

The state Senate voted Monday to raise the aggregate expenditure limit for K-12 schools, heading off a funding crisis and allowing Arizona schools to use nearly nearly $1.2 billion that would have otherwise gone to waste.... Read more»

Arizona redistricting commissioners exchange accusations, final map certification delayed

Arizona redistricting commissioners spent several hours airing accusations and grievances over the recently concluded mapmaking process but unexpectedly adjourned without certifying the final congressional and legislative districts. ... Read more»1

Arizona lawmaker takes aim at Corp Comm policy on campaign contributions by utilities

Legislative attorneys believe a Corporation Commission policy intended to restrict campaign contributions by utilities violates the Arizona Constitution, and the lawmaker who requested that opinion is hoping it will persuade the commission to change course for next year’s election.... Read more»