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New fleet of gas-guzzling mail trucks spurs trio of suits

Three lawsuits filed Thursday in New York and California call it urgent for the government to study the environmental toll that will occur if the U.S. Postal Service rolls out its new fleet of mail-delivery trucks. ... Read more»

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DHS will close 'gaps' in border wall, begin clean-up work in Southern Arizona

Customs and Border Protection can close some gaps in the border wall, and work to clean up now-abandoned construction projects in Southern Arizona using millions in defense funding earmarked to counter drug-smuggling, DHS Secretary Mayorkas said Monday. ... Read more»

Enviros' lawsuit over Trump's border wall funding moves headed toward settlement

A lawsuit alleging that the Trump administration unlawfully siphoned $3.6 billion in construction funds from the Defense Department to fund border wall projects along the U.S.-Mexico border is heading toward a settlement following an order from the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Read more»

Biden administration to give fresh look into federal protections for gray wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday that it would be renewing their evaluation on the potential need for federal protections for wolves following a push from environmental groups to restore safeguards for the predators. ... Read more»

Biden rollover on oil and gas leasing spurs suit

Ahead of an auction that will make 80 million acres of public waters available for fossil fuel extraction, a new federal complaint by four environmental groups claims that the government is relying on a flawed and out-of-date environmental analysis. ... Read more»

Biden pushes for more electric vehicles, tighter emission standards

Backed by automakers and in stark contrast to the rollbacks of the last administration, the president is proposing an aggressive agenda with tightened emission standards and a goal of making 50% of all vehicles sold in 2030 electric. ... Read more»

Remediation work continues at Az's border wall construction sites

The Army Corps of Engineers has continued remediation work along two sections of the border wall near Yuma, cleaning up the remnants of construction left by contractors during the last days of the Trump administration's rush to complete the boundary barrier. ... Read more»

Biden’s public lands pick wins backing by environmental advocates ahead of hearing

Environmental groups voiced their support of Tracy Stone-Manning, a Montanan who led conservation and public lands policy at the National Wildlife Federation and President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, prior to her Tuesday confirmation hearing.... Read more»

House OKs bill to ban mining on 1 million acres around Grand Canyon

The House voted Friday to permanently ban new mining claims on more than 1 million acres around Grand Canyon National Park, with supporters calling protection of the landmark canyon a “moral issue.” The bill would make permanent a current mining moratorium that is scheduled to run through 2032. ... Read more»

Bill would require people, groups registering voters to register with elections officials

House Bill 2373 would require every person and group that registers people to vote to get a unique identifier number from the county recorder if they submit more than 25 voter registration forms in a calendar year and then place their unique identification numbers on every voter registration form they submit. ... Read more»

EPA awards $220 million for uranium mine cleanup on Navajo Nation

The EPA said Thursday it will award contracts to three companies for the cleanup of some of the hundreds of abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation. Terms of the contracts require the companies to develop training programs “for Navajo individuals and businesses to promote professional growth” in areas related to the cleanup work.... Read more»

Supreme Court halts hearings on Trump border cases after Biden reversals

The Supreme Court postponed upcoming hearings challenging the government's ability to divert Defense Department funds to border wall construction and on the administration’s so-called "remain in Mexico" policy Wednesday, after both had been reversed on the first day of President Joe Biden’s term.... Read more»

Feds ask 9th Circuit to approve Rosemont Copper Mine plan

The U.S. Forest Service told a federal appeals court Monday that the Rosemont Copper Co. should be allowed to put mine waste on federal land near its claim in Arizona. ... Read more»

President Biden to end work on Trump's border wall

As one of a series of executive actions after taking the oath of office, President Joe Biden is set to halt the work on the border barrier.... Read more»

Trump gets more funding for border wall, but construction in Texas limited

In the waning days of the Trump administration, Congress approved another $1.375 billion to construct barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday, adding to the nearly $15 billion that has been either been spent, or allocated, largely without congressional approval. ... Read more»

Biden firm on uranium-mining ban around ‘jewel’ of the Grand Canyon

In August, Biden called the Grand Canyon an “irreplaceable jewel” and blasted the Trump administration’s uranium mining plan, saying he would focus instead on developing clean energy. ... Read more»

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