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What the Devil won't tell you

Arizona faces temporal choice as Daylight Saving Time sees permanent high noon

No matter what laws are passed by Congress, the amount of solar radiation striking the Earth in any given 24-hour period will remain the same, no matter how deeply lawmakers believe they have the power to alter the fabric of time.... Read more»

How a powerful U.S. lobby group helps big oil to block climate action

The American Petroleum Institute receives millions from oil companies – and works behinds the scenes in what politicians describe as the trade group’s defining role in setting major obstacles to new climate policies and legislation.... Read more»

Senator: Investigate ‘false statements’ by dark money groups

A Democratic senator is pushing for an investigation of nonprofit groups that told the Internal Revenue Service they would not engage in political activity — and then spent millions attacking or praising candidates in 2012 elections. ... Read more»1

Flake joins congressional delegation to Cuba, agenda under wraps

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, long a proponent of less-restrictive relations with Cuba, is visiting the communist nation this week as part of a seven-member congressional delegation.... Read more»