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Arizona GOP lawmaker calls on 'vigilantes' to film & follow voters to combat unproven 'ballot mules'

An Arizona legislative hearing on the flawed election film “2000 Mules” led to Sen. Kelly Townsend calling on “vigilantes” to spy on people who deposit early ballots in ballot drop boxes and state GOP leaders calling journalists covering the hearing "terrorists."... Read more»

Ginni Thomas emailed GOP lawmaker Shawnna Bolick for help overturning Biden’s Arizona win

Ginni Thomas, conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, tried in the days after the 2020 election to convince Rep. Shawnna Bolick and House Speaker Rusty Bowers to help her overturn Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona.... Read more»

Arizona Republicans close in on passage of election restrictions

The Arizona House voted Tuesday to advance two election reform bills that would limit the creation of emergency voting centers and prohibit same-day voter registration - vital issues for Arizona Republicans who claim integrity concerns following the 2020 presidential election.... Read more»

Despite lingering claims, election officials hope to put 2020 in the past

While bipartisan panel of election officials preferred to look forward to the 2022 general elections, other voting rights advocates said officials cannot afford to ignore the ongoing threat posed by election deniers.... Read more»

Trump endorses Mark Finchem in Arizona secretary of state race

Donald Trump endorsed state Rep. Mark Finchem in the crowded Republican primary for secretary of state, throwing his support behind a candidate who is one of Arizona's most vocal proponents of the false allegations that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.... Read more»

Arizona Republicans blast vaccine mandate, vow legal action, while Dems support Biden’s policy

Reactions to President Joe Biden’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandate fell sharply along partisan lines in Arizona, with outraged Republicans demanding legal action against what they deemed a tyrannical policy and Democrats, though largely quieter, supportive of the policy.... Read more»

Ad agency exec Beau Lane joins GOP primary for Arizona secretary of state

The already crowded Republican primary for secretary of state got a new entrant on Tuesday with the addition of advertising and marketing firm executive Beau Lane, who joins State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita and state Reps. Shawnna Bolick and Mark Finchem in the GOP primary.... Read more»

Az House finalizes budget, tax cuts, but kills school voucher expansion

The Arizona House of Representatives wrapped up work Friday on a $12.8 billion budget that dramatically overhauls the state’s income tax code, shields some wealthy Arizonans from paying a voter-approved tax to boost teacher pay and mandates new civics curriculum in public schools while rejecting expansion of the school voucher program.... Read more»

Shawnna Bolick, author of bill to reject voters’ presidential choice, running to be top Az elections official

State Rep. Shawnna Bolick, who sponsored legislation earlier this year that would have allowed the legislature to reject voters' selection in presidential races, is running to become Arizona's top elections official.... Read more»

Death, taxes & April 15? Maybe not. Tax filing dates shift in 2021

The IRS this month extended the tax-filing deadline to May 17 to allow for complications from COVID-19, but in Arizona the due date remains April 15 – for now. The Legislature is moving toward an extension, but final approval for that move may not come until just days before state taxes would be due.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

The sordid saga of Arizona democracy under fire, Part MCXXXLIV

Arizona Republicans clearly want to undo the whole messy "democracy" thing. They just cant seem to get out of their own way or stop conjuring up drama.... Read more»

Hobbs calls for expanded voting rights, blasts GOP election proposals

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said the 2020 elections “challenged our democracy in ways we’ve never seen before” but that officials still managed to deliver a safe, secure election with record-breaking turnout in the midst of a pandemic. ... Read more»

Bill would mostly eliminate emergency voting in Arizona

The measure would only allow emergency voting in times of war, civil unrest or a natural disaster and would allow voters to videotape and photograph election workers inside polling places. Some Republicans in recent years have claimed that emergency voting centers are not used for real emergencies, but as opportunities for liberal groups to increase voter turnout.... Read more»

Democrats jump to early advantage in bid to flip Az Legislature

Following the initial count of early ballots received before Election Day, Democrats led in a handful of key legislative districts for control of both the House of Representatives and Senate. Democrats need net gains of two seats in the House and three in the Senate to take control of the chambers.... Read more»

GOP lawmakers, ALEC urge feds not to 'bail out' states

Several Republican lawmakers from Arizona are urging the federal government not to provide funding to states and cities that are coping with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, even as Arizona faces a projected budget deficit of more than a billion dollars.... Read more»