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'Little victims everywhere': Child sexual abuse ravages Native communities

Child sexual abuse is among the worst scourges on Indigenous communities in North America, yet little hard data exists on the extent of the problem - not until the last decade has the Justice Department been required to publicly disclose what happens to those investigations.... Read more»

Trauma in Native American communities plays role in child sexual abuse, experts say

Child sexual abuse is such an age-old problem that it’s explained in many Native American communities with a parable known as the Story of the Moon and the Sun, and this learned abuse has been passed down through generations, creating intergenerational trauma.... Read more»

Effort to eliminate clergy-penitent privilege dies amid anti-Catholic fears

An effort to eliminate clergy privilege and force religious leaders to report child abuse to legal authorities was unable to get enough votes to make it out of committee Tuesday after days of backroom drama. In Arizona, clergy are not mandated reporters and suspected child abuse or neglect isn’t exempted from that, even if it is ongoing. And religious leaders cannot be forced to testify in court about abuse a parishioner confessed to committing.... Read more»

COVID-19 outbreaks in AZ child detention centers worry advocates

As COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations continue to reach record levels in Arizona, some advocates worry that children in detention and rehabilitation centers are at risk and in the blind spot of public health agencies that are grappling with a furious spread of the illness in the broader community.... Read more»

Fugitive Fathers

How are abusive priests able to relocate abroad?

The Vatican's laws are clear, but often ignored. ... Read more»

Pope Francis needs to do more to stop priest sex abuse, advocates say

Five experts on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church weigh in on whether Pope Francis has done enough to address one of the the church’s biggest challenges.... Read more»

S. America has become safe haven for Catholic Church's alleged child molesters

The Catholic Church has allowed priests accused of sexually abusing children in the United States and Europe to relocate to poor parishes in South America, a yearlong GlobalPost investigation has found. The Vatican has no comment.... Read more»

Mexico investigating female vigilante 'bus driver hunter'

Mexican prosecutors said Monday they were investigating claims that a female vigilante who calls herself "Diana the huntress" killed two bus drivers in the city of Ciudad Juarez last week.... Read more»

New docs shed light on scandal that shadowed Pope Benedict

Documents released Friday by a Rhode Island judge provide a new window into the internal workings of the disgraced Legion of Christ, a religious order of priests whose founder was revealed to have sexually abused seminarians and fathered children by at least two women.... Read more»

Vatican holds summit to fight sexual abuse by priests

Catholic leaders from around the world gathered in Rome on Monday for a Vatican summit on how the church could end sexual abuse of children by priests.... Read more»

Border Patrol wrapup

Agents arrest man wanted on sex abuse charges

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a man wanted in Pima County on sexual abuse charges and a man with ties to the Sureño 13 gang in separate incidents over the weekend.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Cain stain?

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain responded, finally, to accusations that he sexually harassed several women while he headed the National Restaurant Association (the other NRA).... Read more»

Pope greeted by protests in Germany

Pope Benedict started his four-day visit to his homeland, Germany, on Thursday and was greeted by protesters angry over his views on sexuality and cases of child abuse by priests.... Read more»

Comic: Religion

'The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming!'

For reasons perhaps known only to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI is traveling in irreligious Great Britain this week. ... Read more»

Comic: Pope Benedict XVI


It can't be fun knowing you'll go down in history as the Pedophilia Pope. At times, Benedict must ask himself, what would Jesus do? ... Read more»2