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Claytoonz: Dumping the rubbish like Ghislaine Maxwell

We have an entirely different legal system for the rich. The Ghislaine Maxwell case doesn’t prove we have an equal justice system.... Read more»

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Sex trafficking drama set for Tucson premiere at Roadhouse Cinemas

The Tucson premiere of "WAKE UP" is meant to open eyes and stir nerves bringing the filmmakers, local leaders and community together to fight child sex trafficking.... Read more»

Homeland Security agents seek victims of two alleged sex traffickers

Two people were accused of sexually trafficking a 14-year-old girl in Arizona and across three other states, and Homeland Security agents are asking the public's help in identifying other potential victims. ... Read more»

Arizona has deep QAnon ties, including its politicians

Some Arizona voters in November will be faced with candidates who openly embrace QAnon, even though the organization was deemed a domestic terror threat by the FBI more than a year ago.... Read more»

McCain, McSally: State at forefront on trafficking, more work remains

Officials at a forum on human trafficking said Arizona is “leading at the state level” on prevention, but warned that people need to remain vigilant to what one speaker called a trafficking “epidemic” in the state.... Read more»

'They choose not to know': Victims, advocates combat sex trafficking in Arizona

Combating sex trafficking requires enforcement and action. In Arizona, truckers are playing a role.... Read more»

Senate eyes online sex trafficking bill; critics say it goes too far

Proponents say the bill would allow courts to vigorously enforce federal and civil laws relating to online sex trafficking, but critics say it could do more harm than good.... Read more»

How truckers, hotel workers can fight sex trafficking

Sex trafficking is a fast-growing criminal enterprise. In response, some states are looking for help in combating the trafficking where it’s likely to occur.... Read more»

Sex traffickers are targeting Arizona’s homeless teens and runaways

An estimated 85 percent of the sex market in Tucson is online, according to a report by ASU’s School of Social Work, Office of Sex Trafficking and Demand.... Read more»1

Study: Super Bowl sex trafficking too much for one agency

A study of advertising placed during the recent Super Bowl in New Jersey suggests the volume of sex trafficking that will occur when the event comes to Arizona in 2015 will likely exceed the ability of any one law enforcement agency to address.... Read more»

Little-known visa for trafficking victims is chronically underused

Visas to enter the U.S. are typically a hot commodity: The government stopped taking applications for its 2014 allotment of 65,000 H-1B work visas after just four days, for example. But not the T-visa. Of the 50,000 T-visas that have been offered over the last 10 years, the government has issued only 6,206 of the little-known visas meant to protect victims of human trafficking and their family members.... Read more»

Looming Super Bowl drives efforts to toughen Az sex trafficking laws

With the clock ticking down to the 2015 Super Bowl, nonprofits and advocates are already working to raise awareness about sex trafficking and persuade lawmakers to toughen laws. Advocates say that sex trafficking increases around sporting events, and the Super Bowl in particular. That was a consideration when a committee appointed by Gov. Jan Brewer made recommendations for new laws and policies in September.... Read more»

Az gets middling grade for protections against sex trafficking

Arizona got a C on a national report card that examines states’ protections against sex trafficking of minors, the third straight year the state has received a middling grade on the report.... Read more»

Advocates say fixing ‘age loophole’ in child prostitution law is a priority

Someone who solicits sex with a minor in Arizona could face up to 27 years in prison. Or 90 days. It’s what advocates call the “age loophole” and they say changing it is a priority. ... Read more»

Sex-trafficking task force wants tougher laws against johns

A task force Gov. Jan Brewer assembled to address human trafficking plans to recommend laws toughening penalties for johns in child prostitution cases and raising public awareness of the problem.... Read more»1

‘In Her Shoes’: Program focuses on choices that lead girls into sex trade

A young girls' story is part of an “In Her Shoes” simulation offered by the Arizona State University Diane Halle Center for Family Justice, where a group of reporters had to make choices faced by individuals who fell victim to sex trafficking. ... Read more»1

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