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Oil spills happen with enough regularity that there's a set protocol in place to deal with them. And what's a few hundred million dead animals when it means the coordinated cooperation of men working toward one united goal? Read more»

If you're going to tell a story, you'd better make it relevant to the listener. And sometimes, that means adding product placement. Would today's child care about such mundane items as trees and apples? Or a long-dead scientist from faraway England? Read more»

"Hide your shame, Adam, with this handy fig leaf. And Eve, don't think I've forgotten you. Here's a fig leaf hijab." Read more» 4

Let's get things straight: I'm what you'd call a descriptive grammarian. When I'm wearing my cartoonist's hat, however, I feel no qualms whatsoever about elbowing just about anyone in the ribs. Read more» 1

In the fifteen years since it was released to little fanfare, became a beloved mainstay on cable TV, and entered the American consciousness, I've had a complex, changing relationship with "The Shawshank Redemption." Read more» 3

I do so love a set of rules designed to enforce chaos and disorder. Read more» 4

As far as the work-to-payoff ratio goes, gag cartoons must be somewhere towards the bottom of the artistic pile. The punch line in a cartoon is typically simple and immediate, and afterward, the cartoon offers its reader little else. There aren’t a lot of layers; unlike a poem or a painting, the cartoon has used up its usefulness as soon as it’s been ‘gotten.’ Read more» 5

Is it possible for America's bestselling authors to become so repetitive that the pieces of their books, if broken apart, would fit back together, in any order, as cleanly as if produced on an assembly line? Read more» 3

It struck me that the easily recognizable 3-by-3 familial square of the American Brady Bunch might play out quite differently elsewhere. Such as in India, where the caste system continues to thrive in rural regions. Read more» 7

I'm not sure which is more of an eyesore: birds and their guano or nails/spikes designed to prevent birds from landing and leaving their guano. Read more»

This comic combines two things I've long been fascinated by: conjoined twins and the concept of heaven and hell as physical spaces inhabited by the bodies of the deceased. Read more»

When it comes to visual art, I'm one of those people who, unless it's really obvious, doesn't tend to "get" when things aren't what they're actually "supposed to be." Read more»

It's slightly ridiculous that People magazine publishes a "World's Sexiest Man'" issue every year. Hollywood stars tend to look pretty much the same every year, including those in which they win and those in which they lose. Or...do they? Read more» 2

Fishing, skating, and math. Oh my. Read more» 5

Does this mean God is Johnny Cash, who claims to have been everywhere? Even, presumably, at Hot Topic? Read more»

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