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'That’s just part of aging': Long COVID symptoms are often overlooked in seniors

Long COVID refers to ongoing or new health problems that occur at least four weeks after a COVID infection, and much about the condition is baffling - but only now is the impact on older adults beginning to be documented.... Read more»

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2nd COVID booster authorized by FDA for those 50 and older

The FDA on Tuesday authorized another round of COVID-19 booster shots for people 50 and older, as well as those who are immunocompromised - an amendment to an earlier emergency use authorization for a second booster dose as the BA.2 variant grows increasingly common.... Read more»

¿Por qué Medicare no paga por las pruebas caseras para COVID?

A partir del 15 de enero, las aseguradoras privadas cubrirán el costo de ocho pruebas rápidas de COVID en el hogar cada mes para sus miembros, pero los beneficiarios de Medicare enfrentan un obstáculo aún mayor: la nueva regla de la administración no se aplica a ellos.... Read more»

Why Medicare doesn’t pay for rapid at-home COVID tests

As of Jan. 15, private insurers will cover the cost of eight at-home rapid COVID tests each month for their members - for as long as the public health emergency lasts - but Medicare beneficiaries face an even bigger hurdle: the administration’s new rule doesn’t apply to them.... Read more»

More Americans can use food stamps for restaurants, prepared meals

In the past two years, six states, Including Arizona, have opted in to the little-used federal Restaurant Meals Program that allows older adults, people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness to use their food benefits on select, low-cost restaurant meals.... Read more»

Experts look to providers to improve health literacy amid COVID pandemic

Research shows that about 80 million adults in the U.S. have limited health literacy, defined as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.”... Read more»

Health experts worry CDC’s COVID vaccination rates appear inflated

For nearly a month, the CDC’s vaccine tracker has shown that virtually everyone 65 and older in the United States — 99.9% — has received at least one COVID shot. That would be remarkable if true. But health experts and state officials say it’s certainly not.... Read more»

Democrats risk losses in 2022 if they give up on paid leave, advocates say

The Democrats’ “Build Back Better” bill that passed the U.S. House did include four weeks of paid leave -but that provision is at risk of deletion in the Senate due to Sen. Joe Manchin- and a failure to take action could have significant political consequences for Democrats in 2022.... Read more»

Democrats’ plans to expand Medicare benefits may pinch Advantage plans’ funding

A new television ad, paid for by Better Medicare Alliance, a research and advocacy group for Medicare Advantage plans, doesn’t spell out what cuts congressional lawmakers might be trying to slip past unsuspecting seniors.... Read more»

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Advocates: Congress should fund home care for disabled & aging Arizonans

The time is now for much-needed investment in our state’s system of care for vulnerable individuals.... Read more»

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DeConcini & Richtman: Sinema should reconsider filibuster stance to protect seniors' voting rights

Older Arizonans who voted safely and securely by mail in the 2020 election may find that it isn’t so easy next time, thanks to restrictions enacted by the Legislature last spring. To protect voting rights. Sen. Sinema should support modifications to the filibuster rule to allow the Senate to approve the For the People Act.... Read more»

Arizona's expanded Silver Alert system helps those with developmental disabilities

Silver Alerts allow DPS to reach more people via phone notifications, broadcast alerts on TV and radio, and highway signs.... Read more»

'Don’t you work with old people?': Many elder-care workers still refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine

As the Delta variant brings a new spike in coronavirus numbers across the nation, only 59% of staff at the nation’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are fully or partially vaccinated - with eight states reporting an average rate of less than half.... Read more»

Counties at highest risk for COVID harm often have lowest vaccination rates

The vaccine rollout was meant to prioritize vulnerable communities, but four months of data shows healthier — and often wealthier — counties have been faster to vaccinate while most counties with the sickest residents are lagging behind and making only incremental progress reaching their most vulnerable populations.... Read more»

‘Once in a generation investment’: Biden unveils $2T infrastructure package; would create millions of jobs

Unveiling what he called the boldest spending package since the construction of America’s interstate system and the space race, President Biden released broad details of a $2 trillion infrastructure package that would rebuild highways and bridges, along with funding programs for housing, broadband and schools and increasing U.S. manufacturing jobs.... Read more»

'Out of the blue,' Arizona adds 4,600 COVID vaccine doses to slashed Pima supply

After telling Pima County officials that they would receive just 12,500 doses of COVID-19 vaccines earlier this week, state officials added an additional 4,600 doses on Friday, allowing the county to preserve or reschedule most appointments slated for next week.... Read more»

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