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Fading inside: One family’s battle with Alzheimer’s amid the pandemic

The burdens of Alzheimer's are immense in ordinary times, for patients and the relatives who care for them - the COVID-19 pandemic brought far more challenges: higher risk of illness for those living in care facilities, limited social interaction and new routines and regulations.... Read more»

COVID-19 death toll in Arizona expected to top 20,000 this week

The Arizona Department of Health Services said there had been 19,959 deaths as of Wednesday, with the state averaging 40 to 50 deaths a day in recent weeks, and close to three-fourths of those deaths have been to people age 65 and older.... Read more»

Why doesn’t Medicare cover services so many seniors need?

“Traditional” Medicare does not cover many benefits used overwhelmingly by its beneficiaries, including most vision, dental and hearing care - and drug coverage is available only by purchasing a separate insurance plan - but Democrats in Congress plan to try to change that.... Read more»

‘Wisdom and fear’ lead 90% of U.S. seniors to COVID vaccines

The United States on Tuesday hit a milestone that some thought was unattainable: 90% of people 65 and older are at least partly vaccinated against coronavirus, as political leanings that have skewed vaccination rates across the country have had less of an impact on older adults. ... Read more»

'I can breathe again': Older adults begin to test freedom after COVID vaccinations

With a mix of relief and caution, older adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are moving out into the world and resuming activities put on hold during the pandemic. Recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes the protection that vaccines offer. According to the CDC, people who are fully vaccinated can meet indoors without masks, without incurring significant risk. Also, they can visit relatively safely with people who haven’t been vaccinated, so long as those individuals are healthy and gatherings remain small.... Read more»


Amid COVID-19 pandemic, familes wonder whether to pull elderly relatives from nursing homes

With the coronavirus moving through facilities that house older adults, families across the country are wondering “Should I bring Mom or Dad home?” Most retirement complexes and long-term care facilities are excluding visitors. Older adults are asked to stay in their rooms and are alone for most of the day.... Read more»

Medicare combats fraud with easier-to-read statements

In the latest effort to enlist seniors in the fight against Medicare fraud, federal officials have overhauled Medicare billing statements to make it easier to find bogus charges without a magnifying glass.... Read more»1

Elder abuse often in the form of self-neglect

Almost 1,300 cases of elder abuse were investigated in Pima County in 2011. More than half were cases of self-neglect. ... Read more»

Report: Binge drinking more intense for seniors

Binge drinking is most common among young people, but a government report on the problem also places a red flag next to senior citizens. It turns out that those 65 and older engage in binge drinking more frequently than any other age group.... Read more»

Arizona’s rising median age brings concerns, opportunity

Aging baby boomers drove Arizona’s median age up by 1.7 years over the last decade, to 35.9 years old in 2010, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.... Read more»

Arizona's rural elderly lacking access to medical care, services

Of the four Arizona counties that already had more than one out of five residents age 65 or older in 2009, all are in rural areas. As this shift occurs, experts and advocates warn that rural areas will lack the doctors, care homes, transportation and other services needed by an older population.... Read more»