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State taking steps to reopen economy, but reviving it could take years

As businesses shuttered by COVID-19 and resulting high unemployment have led to a collapse in sales and income tax revenues, state and local governments may be forced to slash budgets. That, in turn, could slow the overall recovery, economists say, with fewer workers and services pumping money back into the economy.... Read more»

Intuit TurboTax and other for-profit tax prep companies lead Americans to pay for their stimulus checks

Congress gave the IRS the job of sending out coronavirus rescue checks. But the underfunded agency is struggling, while for-profit companies like Intuit have started circling, hoping to convert Americans in need into paying customers.... Read more»

Lew warns of debt-limit catastrophe; Schweikert says that’s not so

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned Thursday of a “potentially catastrophic” hit to the economy if the nation reaches the debt limit next week and defaults on its obligations.... Read more»

American Pain Foundation

Pain advocacy group shuts down as senators launch painkiller probe

A leading pain advocacy organization shuts down ahead of an investigation launched by the Senate Finance Committee into makers of narcotic painkillers and groups that champion them. ... Read more»

Election 2010

House win could give GOP ways, means to roll back health law

A GOP takeover of the House would give Republicans the ability to attack the new law in new ways.... Read more»

Health care debate

Democrats' health reform plan evokes 1993 Republican bill

In 1993 Republicans put forth a health care reform initiative that didn't pass, but has been revived, in a sense, this year.... Read more»